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UFC 234 results: Israel Adesanya outstrikes Anderson Silva to win decision

Israel Adesanya won a unanimous decision over Anderson Silva in the UFC 234 main event.

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The UFC 234 main event just concluded with the company’s #6 ranked middleweight Israel Adesanya earn a unanimous decision over UFC legend Anderson Silva. Adesanya is now a flawless 16-0 and should be in the running for the next shot at the UFC middleweight title.

Adesanya opened up the bout with a lot of feints as Silva waited. Silva pressed forward aggressively, but was countered and stunned with a head kick from Adesanya. Silva slowed down his aggression, and Adesanya went back to his feints. Silva landed a spinning kick to the leg of his opponent, but Adesanya landed the better of the strikes in the opening round.

Silva completely dropped his hands in the second act, allowing Adesanya to punch him in the face without consequence. Silva came alive and landed a flurry of punches before Adesanya dashed out of harms way. Another spinning kick to the leg landed for Silva as he had a much better round than the previous.

A lot of people didn’t expect for this matchup to make it to the third round, but it did. Adesanya landed a heavy leg kick and then just got out of the way of a flying knee. Silva backed himself up to the fence and demanded that Adesanya fight him there. After a bit of a standoff, Adesanya backed all the way off and the fight returned to the center of the Octagon. Adesanya landed quite a few more punches before time expired.

Israel Adesanya def. Anderson Silva by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28): Middleweight