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Georges St-Pierre auctions UFC belt for $55,000, ends up in national history museum

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A very special championship in George St-Pierre’s collection now belongs to The Canadian Museum of History.

UFC 111: Press Conference
Georges St-Pierre GSP UFC
Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Georges St-Pierre has parted with one of his many UFC championship belts, but not without cashing a hefty check. The Canadian Museum of History revealed on Thursday they had acquired St-Pierre’s title strap from UFC 94: St-Pierre vs. Penn 2.

Thursday’s unveiling coincides with the ten-year anniversary of the fight GSP won by fourth round TKO via doctor stoppage. The belt was purchased in an auction along with a pair of shorts and autographed fight gloves. The package was purchased for $55,527, according to Global News.

The consignor, who is described as “one of St-Pierre’s first sponsors” and the owner of a gym GSP trained at before becoming champion, delivered the belt to the museum. “It is a great honor to have it on public display,” the Canadian pound-for-pound great said in a statement. That optimism follows “an unfortunate set of circumstances” that almost led to the belt being lost.

GSP’s prized possession will be on public display starting Friday in the lobby of the Gatineau, Quebec museum. Following the weekend, it will become part of the museum's collection.

Unlike the newly-unveiled UFC championship belt rewarded to Henry Cejudo, champions of old were presented with brand new gold belts for every successful title defense. Chances are GSP will hardly notice one of his 13 UFC championships missing.