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UFC’s Adam Wieczorek arrested in raid targeting alleged hooligan and organized crime group

Adam Wieczorek and nine others are accused of belonging to the ‘Psycho Fans’ group, which is accused of robbery, assault, and drug trafficking.

According to Polish sports outlet WP SportoweFakty UFC heavyweight Adam Wieczorek was arrested by Poland’s Central Police Bureau as part of their investigation into an alleged football hooligan group turned organized crime outfit.

That source claimed that Wieczorek was among 10 people detained by police and anti-terror forces on Tuesday in the Polish cities of Chorzów, Ruda Śląska, Piekary Śląskie, Zawiercie and Kołobrzeg.

The detainees were charged with participation in a criminal group, robberies, and drug trafficking. They are accused of belonging to a group known as Psycho Fans, which began as a football hooligan group in support of the team Ruch Chorzów.

RT reported that Polish authorities had been investigating alleged criminal activities connected to Psycho Fans for the last two years. In December 2017 police arrested seven individuals alleged to be connected to Psycho Fans.

Wieczorek, who is 26, is from Chorzów. He began his professional MMA career in 2011. Since then he has amassed a pro record of 10-2. He first fought for the UFC in 2017, versus Anthony Hamilton.

Football hooliganism played a key role in Wieczorek’s UFC debut. Originally he was scheduled to face Hamilton in the Polish city of Gdansk. However, his fight was moved to a card in Australia after local ultras, who support Lechia Gdansk, made threats against Wieczorek.

Wieczorek defeated Hamilton in Australia and bested Arjan Singh Bhullar the following year. His last UFC appearance was at UFC 230 in November, 2018, where he lost to Marcos Rogerio de Lima.