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Dana White confirms deal with Floyd Mayweather, targeting ‘October or November’ event

UFC president Dana White says he is indeed working with Floyd Mayweather for an event in late 2020.

In late November, Floyd Mayweather Jr. announced he was coming out of retirement for the fourth time. The undefeated boxer also revealed a collaboration with UFC president Dana White.

@danawhite and I working together again to bring the world another spectacular event in 2020,” Mayweather wrote on Instagram.

White recently appeared on the Jim Rome Show where he confirmed that he will indeed work with Mayweather, but nothing is finalized yet.

“It’s true. We sat at the Clippers game,” he said (transcript by MMA Weekly). “We started talking and we literally got a deal done right there on the court. And if things play out the way things Floyd and I think they will, I will probably sit down with Al Haymon in March and get a deal on paper.

“If everything goes our way, Floyd and I would be doing something in October or November (of 2020).”

Mayweather is reportedly targeting a fight against a UFC fighter and a rematch against Manny Pacquiao. But if he would be crossing over to mixed martial arts, his father Floyd Sr. promises to “whoop the sh-t out of Dana White.