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Jose Aldo: Loss to Alex Volkanovski ‘hurts a lot more’ than Conor McGregor knockout

Jose Aldo says his decision loss to Alexander Volkanovski is more stinging than his 13-second KO defeat to Conor McGregor.

One of the most notable losses in Jose Aldo’s storied career happened in 2015, when he was knocked out by Conor McGregor in 13 seconds. But according to the former long-time featherweight champion, that was not his most hurtful moment as a fighter.

During a pre-fight media scrum for UFC 245, the 33-year-old says his decision loss to Alexander Volkanovksi at UFC 237 in May was a lot more difficult to swallow.

“It hurts a lot more, for sure,” Aldo said (via MMA Fighting). “Conor and I, we fought and he landed a good punch. In Rio, it was about the performance. That’s what bothers me. I couldn’t do anything.

“I didn’t try anything. If you lose but try something, okay. You get sad for the loss, but you tried, you fought. But that one, I’m embarrassed. I can’t watch that fight.”

Aldo also pointed to his decision to continue to fight despite coming off knee surgery as a contributing factor to that loss.

“I was too dumb. I had knee surgery and everybody told me not to fight but I was dumb to ask for a fight,” he said. “It’s no one’s fault nor an excuse for the loss. The moment I accept a fight I have to be ready. I thought I could win, I was well-trained, I was in my city, but it was a total mistake not doing everything I trained and ‘Dede’ asked me to do.”

Aldo will make his 135-pound debut on December 14th in Las Vegas against former title contender Marlon Moraes.