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Graphic: Muay Thai fighter suffers brutal cut

Eddie Farrell suffered one of the worst cuts in combat sports history. Want to look at it?

In this video, we take a look at some of the worst cuts and lacerations in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship!

[CW: This article contains graphic NSFW video and images]

Three days ago, Eddie Farrell was young and innocent. He had not yet seen the inside of his own forehead. Sure, he had been cut before and even had scar tissue — scar tissue just waiting to tear like tissue paper on Christmas morning — but prior to Farrell’s WBC Muay Thai 168 lb world title in Australia he had not really taken a good look around the inside of his own head.

Here he is in the red trunks just after the weigh ins, ready to go.

And here he is just after Stephen Lottering finished up raining hellbows down upon him.

In the video people around Farrell can be heard discussing the state of the injury. One them comments, “Oh, there’s a stringy bit.” A second person quickly informs them they are looking at a nerve.

You have to appreciate the relative calm in Farrell’s expression as he watches the people investigating the cut like seventh graders dissecting a frog.

Farrell wrote a gracious message to congratulations to Lottering on his Instagram, saying, “He landed the final blows and the fight got stopped by the doctor. Well done mate, you deserve that belt.”

As for Farrell, his plans include not fighting again until his wound is fully healed. He’s also thinking of, “giving boxing a go.”