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Coach: I don’t know where Alex Volkanovski isn’t better than Max Holloway

Coach Frank Hickman sees no holes in Alexander Volkanovski’s game that Max Holloway could exploit.

Number one-ranked featherweight contender Alexander Volkanovski will face the biggest test of his career at UFC 245 on December 14th in Las Vegas, when he challenges Max Holloway for the 145-pound title. However, his coach Frank Hickman isn’t that concerned.

Speaking to John Hyon Ko of The Body Lock, Hickman laid out what he feels are Volkanovski’s best weapons to dethrone the current champion.

“A different skill-set. A gas tank,” Hickman said of his fighter. “I think when somebody’s gas tank can match Max Holloway’s, if not, it’s going to be better — that’s going to be the deciding factor. He’s incredibly strong, his pace is ruthless. He used to just be a wrestler. Now he’s a striker and he can wrestle.

“Max is a phenomenal fighter, man. I love watching him,” he added. “There’s always those people that want to see you not do well and don’t want to see you take out the big dog. But you need those people. I’m not being arrogant, man, but I look at the fight, I think about it and watch when he fights — I just don’t know where Alex isn’t better.”

Volkanovski is currently 7-0 in the UFC since he signed with the company in 2016. He holds notable wins against Chad Mendes and former long-time champion Jose Aldo.