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Andre Soukhamthath calls Daron Cruickshank’s Bellator loss ‘karma’ for ‘racist’ video

Former UFC fighter blasts Daron Cruickshank for classless comments.

Bellator Japan Weigh-In Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage

Andre Soukhamthath took to Instagram, posting a series of pictures and videos of Daron Cruickshank being classless and calling him racist.

The caption read: “Karma… People need to be exposed… I don’t let things like this slide… It’s not funny and it’s not okay.”

One of the videos records Cruickshank in an animal shelter, approaching an Asian couple before commenting, “We are in a Japanese meat market, they are checking out what they are going to eat for dinner (laughs). Yummy, huh? Yummy.”

The video was taken earlier in 2019, with Cruickshank being unapologetic in a tweet that followed.

“This will never get old.” Cruickshank said on Twitter, “Ok, I recently learned that it’s not the Japanese that eat dog. It’s the Chinese... #funnyvideos #funnymemes...”

“The Asian Sensation” Soukhamthath, who was the first Lao-American fighter signed to the UFC, also added a video of Cruickshank (21-13, 1 NC) being submitted at Bellator & Rizin: Japan by Goiti Yamauchi. The CES MMA bantamweight champion claimed there was poetic justice in the fact that a Japanese native was the one to submit Cruickshank.

“He’s about to get choked out, by a Japanese fighter after he made that video. And he gets choked out.” Soukhamthath said as he narrated the finishing stanza of the fight.

Cruickshank, who in his Instagram biography refers to himself as a “cultured redneck,” has been fighting for the Japanese promotion: Rizin since 2016, following his release from the UFC after three-straight submission losses.

Soukhamthath was irked, as he feels that being “racist towards Asians” is oftentimes “brushed off.” The 31-year-old was also released from the UFC recently following a unanimous decision loss to Su Mudaerji.