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Graphic Video: Fighter’s arm snaps terribly at Combate Americas event

Salvador Becerra is in a lot of visible pain after having his arm snapped under the weight of a take down at a Combate Americas event on Friday.

Salvador Becerra is definitely looking at more than a flesh wound after an early end to his fight at Combate Americas 53: Copa Combate in Lima, Peru on Friday.

Becerra (8-3) was fighting Milko Tucto (5-1) in a lightweight main card bout. In the later stages of round one, Tucto pressed Becerra against the cage and got on his back. Tucto clamped on his opponent’s waist, lifted him up into the air and dumped Becerra to the mat. Unfortunately, instead of taking a break fall Becerra posted his arm out at an awkward angle. His own weight came crashing down on it. The arm snapped.

Becerra immediately grimaced. The referee did a great job and quickly waved off the fight as Becerra held his arm in pain. Even his opponent was uneasy, forgoing the traditional celebration and instead bowing on the canvas to his fallen foe. A replay of the video shows the nasty point of fracture at the elbow.

Fingers crossed Becerra has a smooth recovery.

Editor’s note: The featured image used for this article is a FILE PHOTO via BSIP/UIG Via Getty Images