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Frank Trigg praised by Bellator fighter for stoppage: You saved my brain a lot of damage

Being praised for a good stoppage isn’t something you hear regularly in MMA, but Frank Trigg has been thanked by a Bellator fighter for his work this past weekend.

Art of War 3 Photo by Chris Blumenshine/Getty Images

UFC veteran turned referee Frank Trigg has been praised by a Bellator flyweight for a good stoppage in his fight this past weekend at Bellator Hawaii.

Nate Yoshimura, who was making his professional debut on the night, was knocked out in the second round by Chas Dunhour at Bellator 236. After being dropped by a elbow, Trigg jumped in and stopped the action before Yoshimura could take any further follow up shots on the ground.

The well-timed stoppage prompted Yoshimura to send Trigg a message on Instagram, thanking him for saving his “brain” a lot more damage.

“Hey Frank, you reffed my fight this past weekend and I wanted to thank you for being a great ref and stopping the fight the way you did. I didn’t even realize how crazy the KO was till I watched it back,” Yoshimura wrote. “You definitely saved my brain a lot of damage and I always appreciate that. Best wishes and happy holidays to you and your family. Hope to see you in the future. God bless.”

Trigg (21-9) spent over a decade fighting professionally and had two stints in the UFC. Known mostly for his two fights with Matt Hughes, who was the welterweight champion at the time, Trigg also fought household names such as Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit. He made his debut as a UFC referee two years ago, and has continued to officiate since.