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Bellator: Salute to the Troops live stream, play-by-play, results, and discussion

Bloody Elbow is the place to be for live results and full play-by-play of Bellator 235 from Honolulu.

Sentai Filmworks’ Premiere Of “Made In Abyss: Journey’s Dawn” Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results and detailed play-by-play as Bellator 235 comes to Neal Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, HI.

The headliner for the card is a heavyweight showdown between former UFC heavyweight champion Josh Barnett, who is making his return after three years out of the cage, against veteran Ronny Markes. The co-main is a catchweight fight between Erik Perez and Toby Miesch.

The prelims will be streamed live here on Bloody Elbow, starting at 8:45pm ET. The show will then move over to DAZN at 10pm ET for the main card. The show will air on the Paramount network.

Join us and let us know what you think of tonight’s fights.

Toby Miesch vs. Erik Perez

Round 1 - Perez with a a quick jab. Miesch with an inside leg kick. He’s looking to land a straight left. They trade inside. Miesch with the straight left and Perez is down! One more on the ground and it’s over! WOW!

Toby Miesch defeated Erik Perez via KO (strikes), round 1

Alejandra Lara vs. Veta Arteaga

Round 1 - They start brawling right away. Nice body kick from Lara. She clinches. Arteaga with a short elbow. Lara lands a couple of shots and separates. Two lefts from Arteaga. Outside leg kick too. Arteaga lands a left as Lara tries to throw a kick. She clinches again and lands a knee. Lara with body shots and right elbows over the top. Back to the center. Body kick from Lara. Straight left and Lara flurries. Arteaga with a jab. Arteaga slips and Lara jumps on her. Arteaga is up pretty quickly and they reset. Lara with a nice head kick. She lands a left. Lara with a front kick. 10-9 Lara.

Round 2 - Lara with straight punches that are getting through. Lara spins Arteaga into the fence, but can’t hold her there. Body kick from Lara. Both of them score with lefts. Body kick from Lara. Arteaga chasing now. Arteaga with a right. Lara with a head kick. Another right scores for Arteaga. They throw heavy leather in the center. Body kick from Lara. Head kick from Lara drops Arteaga! She pops right back up and they brawl it out. Lara takes over. Hard right back from Arteaga. Lara looks for a hook kick but it doesn’t land clean. 10-9 Lara.

Round 3 - They touch gloves. Lara comes out throwing. They briefly clinch. Lara with a spinning back fist and a wheel kick right after it. She spins again. Arteaga with pressure now, but Lara lands a big elbow. Lara with a head kick. Front kick too. Big elbows over the top. Arteaga is cut open, and bad. Lara is all over her. She’s wearing the crimson mask. They trade shots. Arteaga with a spinning back fist. Head kick and a right from Lara. 10-9 and 30-27 Lara.

Alejandra Lara defeated Veta Arteaga via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Tywan Claxton vs. Braydon Akeo

Round 1 - Akeo feinting. Claxton charges in but misses with his punches. Head kick from Claxton misses too. Quite a slow start. Akeo ducks away from a combination. Claxton slips on a head kick after a combo. Akeo lookig to jab. Inside leg kick from Claxton. Good jab and a left from Claxton. Outside leg kick from Akeo. They battle on the cage. They stay there for about 90 seconds before Claxton lands an elbow on the break. He lands a left. 10-9 Claxton.

Round 2 - Outside leg kick from Claxton. Claxton charges in with a head kick but Akeo ducks it and looks for a takedown. He can’t get it though. Claxton spins him around on the cage and lands a combo to the body. Akeo reverses and they separate. Outside leg kick from Akeo. Klaxton misses with a long left. They trade slapping low kicks. Halfway through the round. Akeo presses a bit but eats a looping right. Front kick from Akeo. Claxton with a night right hook. Claxton presses him again the fence again. Short elbows. They get back to the middle with 35 seconds left. Claxton misses with two straight rights. 10-9 Claxton.

Round 3 - Jab from Akeo. Claxton with a combo. Akeo gets a body lock, then around the back. But Claxton is deftly fighting the takedown off. They battle on the fence for a while. Claxton with a spinning back fist. More clinch fighting. They finally separate halfway through the round. Claxton with two inside leg kicks. Akeo shoots but gets stuffed. Claxton gets a big takedown instead. He lands to the head and body. Akeo gives up his back to get up. He gets to his feet but eats some leather in the process. Claxton with knees against the fence, and a takedown to mount with 45 seconds to go. Akeo eats some punches and Claxton gets onto his back. He looks for the late choke but it’s not there. 10-8 and 30-26 Claxton.

Tywan Claxton defeated Brandon Akeo via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Joey Davis vs. Chris Cisneros

Round 1 - Davis shoots immediately and puts Cisneros on his back. He pushes him over to the fence and stacks him. Cisneros is pretty stuck, and suddenly half the round is over. Now Davis postures up and lands some hard shots that cut Cisneros open. Lots of blood. More big shots. He really opens up with big hammerfists, and gets the stop just before the horn.

Joey Davis defeated Chris Cisneros via TKO (strikes), 3:55 of round 1

Main Card

Josh Barnett vs. Ronny Markes

Preliminary card

Hunter Eweld defeated Brysen Bolohao via submission (rear naked choke), 1:42 of round 1

Joseph Creer defaeated Ty Gwerder via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-26)

Cass Bell defeated Pierre Daguzan via unanimous decision (30-27. 29-28. 30-27)