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Max Holloway: ‘We plan on suing somebody’ over UFC 226 health issues

Max Holloway is planning legal action in relation to health issues he suffered ahead of UFC 226.

Max Holloway is always putting good vibes into the world, but do not think he won’t sue your a—!

Holloway revealed to Joe Rogan on the latter’s Joe Rogan Experience podcast that he is currently eyeing a lawsuit. “Blessed” was hush about the specifics, but he did reveal it had to do with a tainted something that led to health issues he suffered before UFC 226. Holloway was originally scheduled to defend his featherweight title against Brian Ortega, but was pulled from the card due to “concussion like symptoms.” It led to much concern about his health and doubt that he could eventually beat Ortega at UFC 231 — he dominated that fight.

“That July fight, when we was getting ready, it was in Vegas. I had to fly to New York to do my media day. So from Hawaii to New York. We did 12 hours of media and then we went to Vegas, I think got to Vegas on Thursday. I just felt out of it,” Holloway told Rogan (h/t MMA Fighting). “Not really cutting weight, we was dieting and stuff. Even the water thing, I drink diluted water fight week. Even before the fight, we drink diluted water. A couple days past and it wasn’t going away.”

Holloway required two emergency hospital visits and had to undergo numerous medical exams in the months following.

“I could tell exactly what it was. It was something we consumed,” Holloway said. “Like right now not that much people know, I left my old management. I’m with new management now and my manager now he’s like a behavioral science guy and he’s probably watching this stream squirming the way I’m talking about it but we got stuff going on.”

“I’m looking to work on with lawyers and we plan on suing somebody. There’s a bunch of stuff that I really can’t talk about. That’s why he’s squirming back there,” he said of his current manager. “I probably shouldn’t be talking about it too much but that’s what it is. It was something I consumed. I don’t even know if I can tell you [what it was].”

Holloway lost his featherweight crown to Alex Volkanovski at UFC 245 on Dec. 14.