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Nick Diaz advertises ‘VIP tickets’ for UFC return

Did Nick Diaz just announce his UFC comeback?

It looks like MMA legend Nick Diaz might actually be making a comeback, as the former Strikeforce welterweight champion recently announced a competition to win VIP tickets for his next fight under the UFC banner.

Diaz, who recently teased of a fight with UFC ‘BMF’ champ Jorge Masvidal, announced the news on Instagram but didn’t reveal an opponent.

“WANT TO WIN VIP TICKETS TO MY UFC RETURN? Shop my limited release with FREE Worldwide shipping until midnight at and follow the rules below for additional entries,” Diaz posted last week.

Diaz, 36, hasn’t fought in the UFC for almost five years and hasn’t officially won a fight since 2011, when he battered B.J. Penn enroute to a unanimous decision at UFC 137. Despite his inactivity over the last few years, Diaz has maintained a cult-like MMA following and is one of the most talked about fighters on the UFC roster. Over 1.1 million people tuned in to watch Diaz’ interview with Ariel Helwani last month, making it one of the most popular MMA interviews of the year.

If Diaz’ Instagram post is to be taken seriously, and there is no reason to believe it shouldn’t be, expect the UFC to announce an official fight in the coming weeks.