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Show Money 31: MMA 2019 Review, Endeavor IPO, ESPN, Antitrust Suit, Outlook on MMA Promotions

The Show Money crew is back to spew their sometimes educated, sometimes random theories on the only show exclusively dedicated to the business of MMA.

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The Show Money crew is Paul the economist, Jason the lawyer, and John the man who knows everyone and everything in MMA.

In today’s episode, we discuss Jason’s book, Paul’s research paper, and key business stories for the year, including: ESPN, Endeavor IPO, antitrust case, how other MMA promotions are looking & more!

For those interested in specific parts, here are the start times for each segment:

  • Jason’s upcoming book on MMA and the law - 00:54
  • Paul’s recently published paper on UFC fighter marginal revenue products – 19:25
  • 2019 Review - UFC and ESPN – 40:30
  • 2019 Review - Withdrawn Endeavor IPO – 54:00
  • 2019 Review - Big year in the UFC antitrust lawsuit – 1:02:00
  • 2019 Review - Other MMA promotions: Bellator, ONE, and PFL – 1:18:25
  • 2019 Review - A little on boxing and PPV - 1:32:55

Be sure and follow Paul at @MMAanalytics, John at @heynottheface, and Jason at @dilletaunt for all of their twitter musings.

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