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Dana White ‘would love’ Colby Covington vs. Tyron Woodley next: That would be a fun fight

Once healed up from his UFC 245 war with Kamaru Usman, Dana White wants to see Colby Covington vs. Tyron Woodley

Dana White doesn’t usually play matchmaker after events, but following UFC 245 the president has said he would like to see Colby Covington vs. Tyron Woodley next.

Covington took on Kamaru Usman for the UFC welterweight championship in the main event of UFC 245. In a back and forth fight, Covington eventually lost by fifth round TKO. It was the former interim champion’s first loss in seven fights at welterweight. Meanwhile, Usman successfully defended his title for the first time on the night.

Talking post-fight after UFC 245 this past weekend, White said Covington vs. Woodley would be a fun fight, however Covington will have to heal up from the broken jaw he sustained in his fight with Usman first.

“I don’t have a problem with him. I don’t have a problem with Covington,” White said. “I’d love to do him and [Tyron] Woodley next. That would be a fun fight, but if he has a broken jaw, he ain’t going to be around for a minute. (Transcription via MMA Fighting)

“After a war like this, he’s going to have to go rest, take care of himself for a while and then we’ll see what he wants to do.”

The highly controversial and outspoken Covington not only has a history with Woodley, but also White. Prior to UFC 245, Covington said he ‘would slap White in the face’ if he tried to wrap the UFC belt around his waist, but White isn’t focused on their relationship and instead wants Covington to heal up for his next fight.

“Listen, I’ve dealt with his type a million times in the last 20 years,” White said about Covington. “You can tell he’s not happy that tonight did not go as he planned. He came out with a game plan, whatever the hell he had going on in his mind that he was going to do or whatever was going to happen and Usman stomped all over that. We’ll let this kid go back, heal up and figure out what’s next.”