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Finish of the Week: Brutal spinning back kick KO from K-1 Krush 109

Check out BE’s latest “Finish of the Week”

With a ton of combat sports happening on each week, a lot of interesting moves and crazy finishes tend to slip through the cracks as people naturally pay more attention to the bigger events. This “Finish of the Week” feature is designed to put a spotlight on some of those wild moments that you may have missed.


Our latest “Finish of the Week” comes from the pretty wild kickboxing scene in Japan. As part of the K-1 Krush 109 card in Tokyo, Riamu faced Sho Uchida and scored a beautiful spinning back kick knockout. The brutal finish came at the 1:33 mark in round 1, and you can watch the ending sequence below:


Our honorable mention is from RCC 7 in Russia, and would probably be good enough to get Finish of the Week honors on any other week. Watch below as former Bellator champ Alexander Shlemenko locked in a nasty looking guillotine over a UFC vet and high level BJJ black belt in David Branch.

Shlemenko got the submission at the 4:51 mark of round 1, and he improved his record to 60-13. This was Branch’s first bout since his UFC stint, and dropped his record to 22-7.

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