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UFC 245 PPV results: Kamaru Usman scores dramatic late TKO stoppage of Colby Covington

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Kamaru Usman stopped Colby Covington with strikes late in the fifth round to retain his welterweight title in the UFC 245 main event.

The top of the UFC 245 billing just saw the promotion’s welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman, successfully defend his crown with a late fifth round stoppage of the #2 ranked Colby Covington. This was quite the war! Both men stood and traded strikes for the whole fight, with zero takedowns attempted. Usman knocked down Covington twice in the fifth frame, and was able to land ground strikes to get the job done. Usman has now won 11 UFC fights in a row. Who will be next up to challenge for the belt?

Covington started out kicking to the body and the leg, with Usman looking to jab. Usman started to connect with his straight right hand, catching Covington looking. Covington responded with a head kick that seemed to get the attention of the defending champ. The welterweights were going strike for strike in a tightly contested round.

Usman worked off his jab early in the second act and Covington continued to mix up his attack. Just when Usman began to land hard strikes, Covington would respond with hard blows of his own. Neither man was giving an inch. Colby landed a cup kick that brought a brief pause to the fight. The volume was on the side of Covington, with the power residing on the side of Usman.

Usman was landing his big right hand in the third round, both to the head and the body. The output of Covington slowed down a bit, likely from the body shots of Usman. Usman started to kick to the body, which helped slow down the challenger.Colby landed a sweet head kick but seemed to poke Usman in the eye. The referee stopped time and brought in the doctor. The bout resumed and Usman landed a hard right hand before the bell.

Colby told his corner that he broke his jaw in between rounds. The fourth round started and Covington was still willing to wing punches in the pocket. He was even landing solid punches. Usman stayed composed and stuck to his jab and cross. Despite the possible broken jaw, Colby soldiered on.

The final round saw more standing and banging. Colby found success leading with his uppercut and following up with his rear hand. Usman wasn’t ripping to the body like he was in the previous rounds, but started to connect to the jaw. Usman scored a knockdown, and then another. Usman took top position and landed ground strikes until the referee stopped the bout.

Kamaru Usman def. Colby Covington by TKO at 4:10 of round 5: Welterweight Title