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UFC 245 PPV results: Alexander Volkanovski ends Max Holloway’s reign as featherweight king

Alexander Volkanovski just took a unanimous decision over Max Holloway to win the featherweight belt in the UFC 245 co-main event.

The UFC 245 co-main event was the setting where the defending 145-pound champ, Max Holloway, took on the #1 ranked featherweight, Alexander Volkanovski. The bout went all 25-minutes with each man having moments, but the significant strike count was on the side of the challenger. Volkanovski won a unanimous decision to become the new UFC featherweight champion.

Volkanovski started the fight staying far on the outside, looking to leap in with calf kicks and come over the top with heat. Holloway stayed long, but wasn’t getting off with his typical volume. When Volkanovski did shoot in for the takedown, Holloway was able to fend it off. Volkanovski returned to his leg kick attack in the second frame, causing a welt on the calf of Holloway. The volume of Holloway was still on the low side. The kicks of Volkanovski caused Holloway to switch stances in an attempt to remove it as a target. Max had a couple of moments where he threw his punches in bunches, but they were few and far between.

Holloway came out throwing a lot more punches to start the third round. Volkanovski was finding success ducking his head and winging shots over the top. With Max fighting out of the southpaw stance, Volkanovski started to attack the right leg. This was a pretty close round. Volkanovski was throwing heat to kick off the fourth frame. He was throwing beautiful counter hooks that were getting through. Max was able to fend off the first takedown attempt of the round with relative ease. Holloway began to tag Volkanovski as he was coming in, disrupting the rhythm of his opponent. Holloway started to press forward, backing up Volkanovski.

Holloway pressured forward in the final act, backing up Volkanovski to the fence. Both men were landing their respective shots. Max was able to shut down the clinch attempt from the challenger, and they returned to the center of the Octagon. Volkanovski again tried to clinch up, but Holloway shrugged it off again.

Alexander Volkanovski def. Max Holloway by unanimous decision (48-47 x2, 50-45): Featherweight Title