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Video: Gigantic Senegalese heavyweight ‘Reug Reug’ wins MMA debut by TKO

Oumar Kane won’t wow with style points but just marvel at what a physical specimen he is.


The first event for ARES FC took place earlier this Saturday in Senegal, and one of the highlights of the card was Oumar Kane, also known as “Reug Reug,” winning his MMA debut.

After a dominant opening round, the Senegalese wrestling champion unleashed all of the strikes on Sofiane Boukichou, who could not withstand the barrage of strikes coming his way early into round two. A TKO finish for the 6’5” “Reug Reug” in front of his home fans, and while no one is going to be wowed by his technique, the man looks like a physical freak.

Here are a couple of highlights, including the stoppage.

It’s a good thing they got this fight taken care of, because ARES FC didn’t actually complete the card due to safety reasons.

Senegalese wrestling, known as laamb, does involve hand strikes in addition to takedowns, and you can see some of Reug Reug’s work in the video below.

If you want to learn even more about Senegalese wrestling, former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez hosted this segment for the Olympic channel, and it’s an interesting watch.