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UFC 245 PPV results: Marlon Moraes takes razor-thin split decision over Jose Aldo

Marlon Moraes won a tightly contested split decision over Jose Aldo on the UFC 245 PPV main card.

The UFC 245 PPV card just witnessed the promotion’s #3 ranked featherweight, Jose Aldo, making the move to 135-pounds to take on the #1 ranked bantamweight, Marlon Moraes. The fight was close, with Moraes getting ahead early, and Aldo rallying and looking solid in the second act. The third round was close, and when the dust settled, it was Moraes who took the split decision. Perhaps a rematch is in order?

Moraes opened the bout with a left head kick that got the attention of Aldo. He threw the same strike and that got through too. Aldo seemed to recover quickly and landed a hard right hand down the middle that backed off Moraes. Aldo started to get aggressive, landing his hands and backing up his opponent, but Moraes hit a toss to take top position for the remaining moments of the round.

Aldo brought the pressure in the second act, keeping Moraes on the back foot. Blood started to trickle from the bridge of Moraes’ nose. Aldo started to get off with his punches as he marched down his opponent, and Moraes was starting to wear it.

The pressure of Aldo continued into the third frame. Moraes danced around on the outside trying to be elusive. Aldo kept leading the dance, picking his shots without getting wild. Moraes shot in for a takedown but nothing was there for him except a knee to the gut from Aldo.

Marlon Moraes def. Jose Aldo def. by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29): Bantamweight