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UFC 245 PPV results: Petr Yan stops Urijah Faber with head kick

Petr Yan knocked out Urijah Faber with a head kick on the UFC 225 PPV main card.

The UFC 245 PPV card is underway and the promotion’s #4 ranked bantamweight, Petr Yan, just knocked out the #12 ranked longtime veteran, Urijah Faber, with a head kick in the third round. Yan looked highly impressive tonight and extends his winning streak to nine-straight. He has also won all six of his UFC bouts, and called for a title shot against Henry Cejudo in his post-fight interview.

Yan came out pressuring Faber backwards, feinting without striking. Not a lot of blows were thrown as both men were measuring the other. When Yan did connect, he hit a strong right hand that briefly staggered Faber. Not much else went on as it was definitely a feeling out round.

Yan kept up the pressure in the second act, backing up Faber without having to really throw. Yan was doing a solid job of striking in the clinch with knees, and then with punches on the break. Faber was pumping his left hand, but wasn’t connecting with any regularity. Then, Yan clobbered his foe with a punch that dropped Faber, opening up a cut. Faber responded with a hard right hand of his own, but then Yan dropped him again. This time Yan was able to take top position, but the referee paused the fight to have the doctor come in and check out the cut. The fight resumed on the ground, but Faber quickly scrambled to his feet. Yan was able to score another takedown just before the bell.

In the final round, Yan continued to have success with striking on the clinch break. This time though, he landed a head kick on the break, and it dropped Faber up against the fence. There was no need for any follow up.

Petr Yan def. Urijah Faber by KO at :43 of round 3: Bantamweight