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Finish of the Week: Rare — and painful — Suloev Stretch from ACA 102

Check out BE’s inaugural “Finish of the Week”

With a ton of combat sports happening on each week, a lot of interesting moves and crazy finishes tend to slip through the cracks as people naturally pay more attention to the bigger events. This “Finish of the Week” feature is designed to put a spotlight on some of those wild moments that you may have missed.


This inaugural “Finish of the Week” honors goes to Khusein Shaikhaev, who pulled off a somewhat rare and pretty brutal submission at ACA 102. In the first round of his bantamweight bout against Erzhan Estanov, the undefeated fighter locked up a Suloev stretch and cranked on that hamstring.

Shaikhaev, who is still only 22-years-old, improved his unbeaten record to 8-0.

Watch BE’s first Finish of the Week below:


Sotaro Yamada locked in two submissions simultaneously in one of his matches at the team grappling event, Quintet Fight Night 4. The Carpe Diem grappler secured a calf slicer before finishing with a rear naked choke.

Team Carpe Diem went on to win the entire tournament, making this their third Quintet title. Watch the dual-sub below:


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