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Bellator 233: Salter vs. Van Steenis results, stream, discussion, play-by-play

Check out the blow-by-blow results for tonight’s Bellator 233 card, featuring middleweight matchup John Salter vs. Costello van Steenis in the main event.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for results, discussion and play-by-play for Bellator 233: Salter vs. Van Steenis. This four-fight main card will air live tonight on Paramount Network at 9 p.m. ET, with the prelims online at 6 p.m. ET.

The featured matchup will involve two strong middleweight grapplers go at it in John Salter and Costello van Steenis. At 16-4, Salter has been there and done that... aside from a title shot. As for the 12-1 van Steenis, the surging prospect is taking his first real step up in elite competition.

King Mo will be stepping into the cage for what will likely be his final performance. After 30 MMA bouts, the former Strikeforce champ will be calling it a career after squaring off with Bellator newcomer, Andrew Kapel. Also on the card, another longtime vet in Leslie Smith will tangle with former Bellator title challenger, Arlene Blencowe. Opening up the event will be collegiate wrestling standout, Tyrell Fortune, putting his 7-0 undefeated record on the line against the 15-5 Azunna Anyanwu.

Main card: (9 PM ET, Paramount Network)

John Salter vs. Costello van Steenis: Middleweight


Costello sprints to the center of the cage. Salter tests with an inside leg kick. Costello lands a jab. Salter slaps with another inside leg kick. Costello pressures aggressively and gets shoved against the fence. Salter gets the takedown and is landing softening blows to the face. Costello tried to stand back up but Salter is controlling and dropping chipping shots. This fight is all Slater at the moment. Costello explodes back to his feet but his back is to the fence. Salter works for the takedown and after a bit of a struggle he gets it.

10-9 Salter


Slater throws a right hand and Costello waves him on. Costello throws a head kick that grazes. Costello grabs the head and takes top position, but Salter quickly reverses and puts Costello on his back. Costello turtles up and Salter lands some hard knees to the body. Salter fully takes the back, but only uses one hook. He lands a hard elbow to the side of the head. Salter sinks his other hook but Costello fights it off. Salter grabs child of the RNC but Costello manages to hang tough and escape. Salter tried a kneebar from the back but Costello spins around on top. Costello allows Salter to stand back up. Salter blocks a head kick and achieves a takedown. He uses an arm triangle attempt to take full mount.

10-9 Salter


Costello misses with a spinning back fist to start the fight. He lands a clean overhand right and starts going after Slater. Salter lands a labored left hand. A jab-cross scores for Costello and Salter looks tired. Salter presses his foe against the cage, but Costello breaks free. A mean body kick hits for Costello and Salter pulls guard. Costello lands a few ground strikes and then kicks the leg. He lets Salter up. A stiff right hand scores for Costello and then he gets a head kick blocked. Salter is bloodied up but gets a takedown. He controls from half guard. Costello stands back to his feet just as the bell sounds.

10-9 Van Steenis

John Salter def. Costello van Steenis by unanimous decision (29-28 x3): Middleweight

“King Mo” Lawal vs. Andrew Kapel: 195 pounds


Kapel jabs to the body and then lands a teep. Hard leg kick scores for Kapel. Mo goes hard to the body but eats another leg kick. Kapel jabs the body and then eats a stiff right hand. Kapel jabs again to the body and Mo misses with a left hook. Mo catches a kick but gets dropped with a right hand. Kapel goes in for the kill! The ref is giving him a chance to recover but Kapel is landing bombs. Mo is out!

Andrew Kapel def. King Mo by KO at 1:22 of round 1: Light Heavyweight

Leslie Smith vs. Arlene Blencowe: (W) Featherweight


Blencowe opens with a set of jabs. She scores with leg kick and then lands trip jabs. Smith misses with a body kick and eats one to the leg. Smith misses with a slow three piece. Blencowe is looking sharp. She scores with a jab to right hand. Smith connects with her foot on a head kick but Blencowe eats it well. Double right hands hit and back Blencowe up to the cage. They clinch up. Smith scores with short knees to the leg. She tries a trip but Blencowe stays upright. Blencowe eats more knees to the body. Smith breaks free and lands a right cross. Blencowe hits with a right hand followed by an inside leg kick. Smith comes forward but eats a two piece. Smith clinches up against the fence again. Blencowe lands small punches with her back to the fence as Smith chips away with body knees. Smith lands a spinning elbow just before the bell.

10-9 Smith


They exchange inside leg kicks to open the round. Blencowe goes to the outside as Smith looks to close the distance. Smith misses with an uppercut but lands a body kick. Smith is pushing Blencowe backwards. Arlene pops her jab to try and keep her aggressor off of her. Body kick scores for Smith but she eats a hard right cross in return. Body kick scores for Smith. Blencowe goes back to her jab and follows with a right cross again. Smith lands another body kick. Another jab sticks for Arlene. Smith lands a leg kick but eats another right hand. Overhand right scores and she tries to clinch up but Blencowe uses her footwork to avoid it.

10-9 Blencowe


Strong one-two lands for Blencowe to open the round. She connects with a hard inside leg kick and Smith misses with an outside one. Blencowe returns to her jab, jousting back her opponent’s head. Smith lands an overhand right to head kick, but Blencowe eats it well. Smith clinches up and lands a knee to the midsection. She tries to hit a trip but Blencowe stays vertical. They break apart and Smith lands a jab. Blencowe goes high with a head kick but it’s blocked. They briefly brawl but the blows are glancing. They return to close quarters with Blencowe’s back to the cage. A hard right hand for Smith connects on the break. In open space, Blencowe hits a clean jab-cross. Smith gets a head kick blocked. Blencowe is throwing more volume, mixing it up with inside leg kicks and punches alike. Smith misses by a mile with an overhand right. She tries to clinch but Blencowe flurries and avoids it. Blencowe sneaks in an uppercut and Smith lands a left hand to body kick as time expires.

10-9 Blencowe

Arlene Blencowe def. Leslie Smith by unanimous decision (30-27 x3): (W) Featherweight

Tyrell Fortune vs. Zu Anyanwu: Heavyweight


Zu takes the center and paws with the jab. Fortune stays on the outside, using much better footwork. Neither man is throwing a bunch. Fortune counters with a right cross that hits home. And again. Fortune is now stalking forward and lands a one-two. Zu misses with a left and Fortune connects with a counter right. Fortune stings with a leg kick. A jab jab right hand misses for Zu and he skirts out of the pocket.

10-9 Fortune


Zu comes forward again, but Fortune quickly becomes the aggressor. A right glances for Fortune and Zu misses with an uppercut. Fortune feints and lands a right cross. And then a harder one that registers. And another! Zu looks hurt. Fortune brings the pressure. He lands a knee to the body, then one to the head and Zu goes down. Fortune drops the ground and pound and this one is over!

Tyrell Fortune def. Zu by TKO at 1:56 of round 2

Prelims: (6:15 PM ET, Online)

  • Tyree Fortune def. Chuck Campbell bu split decision: Light Heavyweight
  • Logan Storley def. E.J. Brooks by TKO (injury) at 5:00 of round 1: 175 pounds
  • Julius Anglickas def. Jordan Young by unanimous decision: Light Heavyweight
  • Amanda Bell def. Janay Harding by TKO at 4:44 of round 3: (W) Featherweight
  • Kyle Crutchmer def. Robert Gidron by unanimous decision: Welterweight
  • Romero Cotton def. Jason Perrotta by submission (injury) at 2:16 of round 1: Middleweight
  • Christian Edwards def. Cesar Bennett by KO at :16 of round 1: Light Heavyweight
  • Grant Neal def. Jimmy Lugo by unanimous decision: Light Heavyweight


Lucas Brennan vs. Jacob Landin: Featherweight

Aaron McKenzie vs. Sean Clements: Lightweight

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