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Donald Trump congratulates Jorge Masvidal after UFC 244, BMF champ calls it a ‘very humbling moment’

Donald Trump congratulated Jorge Masvidal for his win at UFC 244.

Donald Trump and company attended UFC 244 in New York City this past weekend, where Jorge Masvidal beat Nate Diaz in the main event of their “BMF” title bout. When not debating the fakeness of the amount of boos and cheers the US President received, the Trump family also made time to tweet their compliments and congratulations to Masvidal.

Masvidal then reacted to the congratulatory message on social media, once again calling Trump a “BMF.”

“Very humbling moment,” Masvidal wrote. “Real recognize real.”

As seen on the clip the Trumps included, Masvidal had praised the President on the week leading up to his bout. He called Trump a “cool” and “bad motherf—ker” because of the “the money that he’s made, the obstacles that he’s conquered.”

The Cuban fighter also went on to say that he didn’t want to get too political because “a lot of my Latin community might be upset at me.”

Masvidal wasn’t the only UFC 244 winner who spoke about politics though. Kevin Lee, who scored an impressive knockout over Gregor Gillespie on the same night, took to Instagram with the following photo and caption: “BERNIE SANDERS YOU BASTARDS.”

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