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Dana White: Nate Diaz’s cuts ‘were much worse then they looked on TV’

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Check out a photo of Nate Diaz’s face after it was stitched up following his UFC 244 loss to Jorge Masvidal.

UFC president Dana White agreed with the doctor’s stoppage in the UFC 244 main event Saturday night.

The Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz welterweight bout was stopped at the end of the third round due to a gash on Diaz’s eyebrow. Masvidal was declared the TKO winner, but some argued with the doctor’s decision to stop the fight.

White posted a photo of Diaz after he received stitches. You can see it below:

Some fans didn’t think the gash on Diaz’s eyebrow warranted the doctor to call the bout off, but White said Diaz’s cuts “were much worse than they looked on TV.”

“Respect to @natediaz209 for pushing the Dr to continue,” White wrote Sunday morning on Instagram.

Masvidal, who earned the “BMF” title with the win over Diaz, was likely up three rounds, had it gone to the fourth and possibly fifth. The bout headlined UFC 244 on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden in New York.

The win moved Masvidal’s winning streak to three in a row, while Diaz fell to 1-2 in his past three contests.