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UFC 244 PPV results: Jorge Masvidal outclasses Nate Diaz, gets controversial doctor stoppage

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Jorge Masvidal just took Nate Diaz to school, earning a doctor stoppage in the UFC 244 main event.

The UFC 244 main event is over, and the #3 ranked welterweight, Jorge Masvidal, dominated the #7 ranked, Nate Diaz, to capture the inaugural BMF title with a doctor’s stoppage TKO. Masvidal opened up several cuts around the eye of Diaz, causing the doctor to stop the match just before the fourth round. This wasn’t the finish that we wanted at all, but it was still a great showing from Masvidal nonetheless.

Diaz pressured forward behind his boxing before they clinched up. Masvidal landed a clean elbow, then a combo, and finished with a head kick that dropped Diaz. He followed up with ground strikes and Diaz started to bleed. Masvidal eventually let Diaz up. Diaz landed some clean punches before they clinched back up.

Masvidal started kicking the body in the second round. He was also tagging Diaz with clean counter punches, causing Nate to flop to his back. After a brief clinch exchange, Masvidal pieced up Nate again. He was completely owning the exchanges. All of Nate’s strikes were pretty much pitter. Masvidal even scored a takedown and landed some quality ground strikes on the BJJ savvy Diaz.

Diaz landed a small flurry to open the third round, but Masvidal quickly got back to work. Masvidal kept landing hard punches and body kicks, and Nate was wearing it. Whenever Diaz would start to throw and land, Masvidal would respond with heavier blows. Diaz tried to hit a throw, but landed on the bottom with Masvidal on top. Diaz landed some strikes, and slaps, from his back, but several better strikes rained down from Masvidal just before the bell.

The doctor came in before the start of the fourth round and recommended that the fight be stopped — despite Diaz repeatedly stating that he was okay. The crowd chanted “Bullsh-t” repeatedly and booed the outcome.

Jorge Masvidal def. Nate Diaz by TKO at 5:00 of round 3: Welterweight BMF Title