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MMA SQUARED: Khabib vs Ferguson, a failure recap

Looking back at old MMA Squared drawings recounting this farce of a fight.

This is a look back at the history of failed Tony vs Khabib bookings, but also a trip down MMA Squared memory lane. Part of the gag of the inception of this cartoon series was that the drawings were silly, which allowed me to say mean things. I felt that if the pictures were bad (I’d purposely leave my finger in the frame), that would soften the impact of what I wrote. In March of 2020, it’ll be two years that I’m here at Bloody Elbow, and the cartoon has transformed so much over time into something very different, but enough behind the curtain talk, let’s get to this trash fire which is totally gonna not happen again anyway.

This fight has been foiled by grotesque body horror, via Tony’s lungs filling up with blood.

Sometimes it’s something silly, like tiramisu making Khabib fat.

The dessert debacle led to an interim championship fight with Kevin Lee that was later stripped.

But true comedy befell us in 2018, when Tony tripped over a television camera cable, setting off one of the greatest storylines in MMA history:

The Bus Incident.

Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg got messed up.

Dana had to bail Conor out of jail (this isn’t really true, but it was fun to draw)

Anyway, this Tony vs Khabib is happening in Brooklyn and I live in Queens so I guess I gotta buy tickets just to get disappointed in the most crushing way possible.

Til then, check out the new shirt/hoodie/tank top, Street Jesus at cottonbureau, take care of yourself, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.


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