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Wilder vs. Ortiz live streaming results, live stream, and round by round coverage

Get results and full fight coverage here for the rest of the Wilder vs. Ortiz card on PPV.

Deontay Wilder v Luis Ortiz - Weigh-in Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Tonight on PPV, Deontay Wider will rematch Luis Ortiz for the WBC Heavyweight title in Las Vegas. This is the biggest bump on the road back to Tyson Fury for Wilder, who will get a big payday to fight the lineal champ again if he can get through Ortiz for a second time.

Wilder (41-0-1, 40 KOs) and Ortiz (31-1, 26 KOs) previously met in 2018 in a very competitive bout that saw Wilder take a 10th-round TKO victory. Wilder then went on to his controversial draw with Fury, while Ortiz has won three straight since.

This card will cover the rest of the main card, and will also offer up a stream of the undercard for fans.

The co-main event will be contested for the vacant WBA super featherweight title, with slick Leo Santa Cruz (36-1-1, 19 KOs) meeting Miguel Flores (24-2, 12 KOs). Santa Cruz is looking for a belt in a fourth weight class in this bout.

As mentioned, the main card will air on Fox PPV. Bloody Elbow is the place to be to watch a stream of the undercard, which kicks off at 4pm ET/1pm PT. The PPV starts at 9pm ET/6pm PT and will feature four fights. The main event will have a separate play-by-play post.

Join as at Bloody Elbow for live results and play-by-play of the fight. Offer your opinion in the comment section!

Main Card

Leo Santa Cruz vs. Miguel Flores

Round 1 - Flores jabbing and working the body. He lands a right over the top. Santa Cruz with a lead left. Right hook scores for LSC. Flores puts together a combination. Jabs again from Flores, then scores with a right. LSC goes to the body. Flores with a couple of body shots and circles out. They exchange hard. Straight from from Santa Cruz, and a lead right hook. They trade again inside. LSC gets the best of it. A right backs Flores off. They trade jabs. 10-9 Santa Cruz.

Round 2 - Santa Cruz with some counter body shots. Flores goes to the body. Lead rights from Santa Cruz. Flores goes to the body again. They exchange inside and LSC lands a right over the top. Counter left. Lead right again from Santa Cruz. Hard shot to the body from LSC. He keeps ripping the body as Flores holds his arm. Flores with a hook to the body. 10-9 Santa Cruz.

Round 3 - They get busy quickly. Both land hooks to the body. Hard straight right from Santa Cruz. Another. Flores attempts to fire back to the body. Uppercut from Flores. LSC with a jab and a left hook. He briefly gets Flores on the ropes and lands a few shots. Santa Cruz keeps up the pressure. 10-9 Santa Cruz.

Round 4 - Flores with body work. Santa Cruz with a right hook. Body work of his own now. Flores ties him up with Santa Cruz lands on the inside. Same sequence again. Flores with a right out of a clinch. Uppercut and a body shot from Flores. Santa Cruz with his own body shot, and again. Straight right from LSC. He’s pawing with the jab. 10-9 Santa Cruz.

Round 5 - Santa Cruz with two lead lefts. Flores with a right hook. Santa Cruz with one of his own. Body shot from Flores. Santa Cruz gets him against the fence and lands short shots. The ref was late coming in there as Flores was holding. Two-punch combo from Flores. Big body shot from Flores. His best round since the first. They trade a bevy of punches. Then the pace slows. LSC lands a nice right. Another. And a third. 10-9 Santa Cruz.

Round 6 - Santa Cruz with a strong right up the middle. Flores takes it. Santa Cruz with a big right, but Flores fires right back with a hard left hook. They batle in close until the ref breaks them. Body shot from Flores. Santa Cruz with a right hook and he flurries. LSC advancing. Not doing much though. They keep their distance for a while. They both land to the body. Flores is holding LSC’s arm again. The ref doesn’t do anything. LSC with a right. 10-9 Santa Cruz.

Round 7 - Flores with a counter body shot. Again. Santa Cruz with a flurry to the body now. Overhand right from Flores. They tie up. They trade in the middle. Lead right hook from LSC. He’s walking Flores down. LSC goes body/head. He pressures to the horn. Not much happening that round though. 10-9 Santa Cruz.

Round 8 - Santa Cruz with a right hook. They brawl in close. They’re separated but immediately go back there. They trade overhand rights. They clinch, and again Flores holds LSC’s arm. The ref notices and deducts a point from Flores. Santa Cruz with a couple of straight rights. Flores opens up but gets clipped by a left hook and a right counter. Another right hook. 10-8 Santa Cruz.

Round 9 - Santa Cruz beats up the body right away. Flores fires back and they’re warned for low shots. Santa Cruz with a right hook. They trade hard shots. Morales is showing some urgency now. Santa Cruz lands a low blow. No point is taken. More body work from LSC. Uppercut from Flores, but LSC is constantly pressuring. They exchange in the pocket. Right hook from Flores. Both land right hooks and brawl a bit past the bell. 10-9 Santa Cruz.

Round 10 - Santa Cruz immediately ends up with a cut outside his eye. The ref rules that it came from an unintentional clash of heads. The announcers are playing it up as a game-changer, but it looks pretty minor. Flores attacks and lands a combo. Right hook from LSC. Santa Cruz pawing with the left. Hard body shot from LSC. Santa Cruz closes it out with a flurry. 10-9 Santa Cruz.

Round 11 - They get after it right away. Both land good shots. Nice two-punch combo from Flores. They both land to te body. Santa Cruz stands flat-footed and scores with a combo. Another nice exchange. They trade jabs. LSC walks Flores down. Body shot. Flores with a three-punch combo. Santa Cruz woke up and lit him up with a flurry to close out the round. 10-9 Santa Cruz.

Round 12 - They brawl inside early. Flores scores with a left hook. LSC with a hard left hook of his own. Flores holds. Flores with a right again but LSC fires back with tree or four punches. They’re letting it all go here. Flores may have injured his hand. He’s circling away, but he lands a beauty left hook. Combo from Flores. Body shot. More battling in close. Flores with another left hook. Right hook now. LSc catches him with a right hook. They brawl to the horn. 10-9 Flores, but 119-108 for Leo Santa Cruz.

Leo Santa Cruz defeated Miguel Flores via unanimous decision (115-112, 117-110, 117-110)

Brandon Figueroa vs. Julio Ceja ends in a split draw (115-113, 112-116, 114-114)

Eduardo Ramirez def. Leduan Barthelemy by TKO, 2:15 of round 4

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