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Logan Paul files appeal on KSI loss, CSAC investigating

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Paul claims he was wrongfully docked two points for illegal contact

KSI VS. Logan Paul 2
Logan Paul and KSI in their fight at the Staples Center November 9th
Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

KSI won a split decision in a battle for the YouTube Boxing Championship Belt at the Staples Center earlier this month. However, Paul recently stated, “I truthfully 100 per cent believe I did not lose this fight.” He has taken that belief and turned it into a formal appeal.

Paul argues that a two point deduction for illegal contact was wrongfully given, and made the difference between Paul winning and losing. The California State Athletic Commission, which sanctioned the fight, has received Paul’s appeal and will adjudicate the matter.

Paul said his initial gut reaction was to contest the decision. Later, he decided to let it go, saying KSI deserved to win the fight. Explaining his change of heart, Paul said, “But then I get bombarded by thousands of people, fans, boxing fanatics, friends, random people on the street telling me the outcome of the fight just wasn’t right.”

At issue is a moment in the fourth round. Paul had delivered an uppercut that unsteadied his opponent, he then hit KSI again after he went down.

“My stomach just started turning over the fact I didn’t believe the outcome was correct on this, and if I just stood by and didn’t do anything about it, or at least try, then I’d be way disappointed with myself,” Paul said. Adding, “This is a plea to the California State Athletic Commission, I would just hope that you give this the weight that it deserves.”

It looks as though Paul’s plea has been heard. When TMZ reached out to the CSAC, the commission said they would look into the matter “immediately.” A CSAC spokesperson stated, “The executive director Andy Foster is evaluating. If there’s sufficient grounds, it’ll go to a hearing at a commission meeting.”