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Khabib on Conor McGregor: ‘We don’t pay attention to idiots’

UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov once again throws shade at rival Conor McGregor.

Whether it’s about the Burger King commercial or the sexual assault allegations, Khabib Nurmagomedov used them all to express his dislike towards Conor McGregor. And more than a year since they faced each other at UFC 229, Khabib’s disdain for “The Notorious” remains on a personal level.

So when McGregor called for a rematch in Moscow, “The Eagle” simply brushed it aside, while throwing some shade at the same time.

“It’s nice for me, because even when I keep quiet and even when I don’t say anything people can weigh it up for themselves,” Khabib said (via RT Sport). “‘Hang on, this guy talks and this guy just acts’. Just talking is one thing, but when it comes to doing it, he’s completely different. So for me there are no kind of announcements or insults.

“He’s an idiot. We don’t pay attention to idiots.”

Khabib isn’t taking McGregor’s callouts any seriously, based on how their first fight went down.

“Honestly I don’t think he wants that fight. How is that so? I beat him up for four rounds,” he said of the Irishman. “I beat him and choked him and he tapped. It was a sign he didn’t want to be there, ‘let me go please’ and all that. And now he wants the rematch.

”First of all he has to earn it. We’re in the fourth year since his last victory,” Khabib added. “It’s been three years and now we’re in the fourth. In order to fight for the title I had to win 10 fights in a row in the UFC. That’s not counting the 16 victories I had outside the UFC.

“In every fight I earned it not with my mouth but with my actions. That’s where we’re different - he talks about it, I just do it.”

McGregor’s isn’t on Khabib’s crosshairs at the moment. After a facing Tony Ferguson, the undefeated lightweight champion wants a fight against Georges St-Pierre.