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Conor McGregor donating up to $1 million to first responders from Proper No. Twelve sales

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Conor McGregor is planning to donate up to $1 million to first responder organizations from sales of his Proper No. Twelve whiskey.

A year ago, former UFC champion Conor McGregor launched Proper No. Twelve, his very own Irish whiskey product. While it did garner mixed reviews from consumers, he did achieve success from it through “The Notorious” brand alone.

To celebrate the first anniversary of Proper No. Twelve, McGregor is set to donate up to $1 million to first responder organizations. The amount will be coming from the sale of every case.

Happy 1st birthday to @properwhiskey!!! What a journey it has been so far!

We are now in 8 countries to date, with many more planned for 2020! I am so thankful to you all for your support and love of PROPER No. TWELVE!

I also want to thank the fine Irish women and men who have worked so diligently at the distillery and beyond…what an amazing team we have!

When we started this business, something very important to me was to give back. For every case we sell, my company donates $5 up to 1 million dollars per year to first responders. I am very proud to announce that we have already hit the 1 million dollar mark! This is all thanks to you! Our fans!

Thank you all ❤️

In the New Year, we will begin donating the first million dollars to first responder organizations. My team is vetting it all out now to be sure it goes into the proper hands. Thank you all for the support! Sláinte #ONEFORALL @properwhiskey

As for his fighting career, McGregor is currently in talks to face Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in early 2020.