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UFC 244 PPV results: Derrick Lewis takes split decision over Blagoy Ivanov

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Derrick Lewis took a tough split decision over Blagoy Ivanov on the UFC 224 PPV main card.

The UFC 244 has been full of knockouts, but heavyweights Derrick Lewis and Blagoy Ivanov just went the distance. After a tough fight with each man having their moments, it was the league’s #5 ranked Lewis who took the split decision over the #8 ranked Ivanov. Lewis snapped a two-fight losing hump to solidify his spot near the top of the division.

Ivanov caught one of Lewis’ kicks early to take top position. He went for an Americana but it allowed Lewis to stand back up. Then, a brawl broke out. Both men started swinging for the fences. Lewis actually earned a takedown, albeit short-lived. A lot of jockeying for position went on against the fence.

Ivanov used his punches to back up Lewis and enter the clinch to open the second stanza. Derrick did a great job of finding separation to get back to the center of the Octagon. A left hook wobbled Ivanov, and Lewis moved in. Ivanov scored a takedown into side control, and went back to the Americana. Lewis again used the moment to get back up, and unleashed some heavy leather, causing a cut around the right eye of Ivanov. A beautiful trip was hit by Ivanov at the end of the round, and he attempted a guillotine but time ran out.

Ivanov pressured forward to kick off the final round, backing up Lewis and pushing him against the fence. Back in open space, Ivanov was sneaking in punches, with Lewis looking to load up on one big shot. Lewis shot in for a takedown, but Ivanov was having none of it. A clinch battle ensued up against the cage with Ivanov controlling. Lewis had a spurt of offense at the end of the fight, but Ivanov ate everything like a champ.

Derrick Lewis def. Blagoy Ivanov by split decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29): Heavyweight