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Ken Shamrock disagrees with Diaz-Masvidal stoppage: ‘They both know what they’re in for’

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Ken Shamrock is not a fan of how UFC 244’s “BMF” title fight between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz ended.

UFC 244’s doctor stoppage ending remains to be a topic two and a half weeks later. It’s so far garnered mixed reactions, just like the making of the fight itself.

Ken Shamrock stands with those arguing that the fight shouldn’t have been stopped. For the UFC Hall-of-Famer, both Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz are veterans who should’ve been given a generous amount of leeway to fight on.

“In my opinion, Diaz and Masvidal, you’ve got to let guys fight,” he told MMA Fighting. “These guys are both skilled fighters. They have a lot of fights under their belt, and they both know what they’re in for.

“It’s just like with some of my fights that were stopped – it was just ridiculous. Oh yeah, I get it. They want to try and keep people safe. But don’t do that with guys that are veterans. The guys that have been in there a whole long time, you’ve got to give them a lot of leeway.”

In the same interview, Shamrock also dared newly-minted “BMF” titleholder Jorge Masvidal to try his hand at Valor Bare Knuckle boxing to “find out how bad he is.”