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Titan FC champion suffers stroke after fight due to weight cut, left side of body paralyzed

Former Titan FC bantamweight champion Rudson Caliocane’s career is likely over due to the after effects of an especially brutal weight cut.

It appears that extreme weight cutting has claimed another victim in MMA. Fortunately Titan FC bantamweight champion Rudson Caliocane has survived his ordeal. However, Combate reports that the Titan FC bantamweight champion has been paralyzed across the left side of his body—following his October 19th bout against Matheus Mendonca, at Future MMA 9.

According to Combate, 26-year-old Caliocane passed out shortly after losing a unanimous decision to Matheus Mendoca, and was sent to the hospital. There he was diagnosed with brain stem ischemic stroke, caused by blood clots forming in the arteries of the neck. Caliocante had reportedly cut 6.1 kg (or about 13.4 lbs) in the lead up to the fight—using a friend’s bathtub to dehydrate.

“I noticed he didn’t look normal.” said Caliocane’s manager, Alex Davis. “When the fight ended, it got worse and Rudson’s father carried him until the paramedics arrived. Those of us who are experience in MMA knew it had nothing to do with the fight specifically, but with the sudden weight cut. At the hospital, the doctors confirmed the ischemia was due to the cut. It wasn’t a guillotine or a powerful strike, it was the dehydration.”

After the ordeal, Rudson vacated his Titan FC title. The promotion’s CEO, Lex McMahon started a fundraiser to help Caliocane pay for the fighters’ ongoing treatment. He posted an update on Instagram regarding Caliocane’s injury. Caliocane left a short message on the GoFundMe page as well, explaining the unfortunate situation.

“With the approval of Titan FC, I took a fight last week in Sao Paulo, Brazil,” Caliocane wrote. “Unfortunately I suffered a hemorrhage of my brain stem. It is not clear if or when I might be able to fight again. Because of this, I have decided to vacate my Titan FC Bantamweight World Championship Title, out of fairness to the division, and to Titan FC and Lex McMahon who has given me the opportunity to fight for and hold the belt, and have treated me so well. Hopefully, I can come back and reconquer the Titan FC Bantamweight division in the near future. However, for now I must concentrate on on my health and getting better.”

Future MMA president, Jorge Oliveira, spoke to Combate as well, telling the outlet that – in the wake of Caliocante’s injury – his promotion will look at adopting new weight in policies—such as limiting the percentage of body weight fighters would be allowed to cut during fight week.