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UFC Sao Paulo results: Shogun Rua and Paul Craig fight to a split draw

Shogun Rua and Paul Craig went to a split draw in the UFC Sao Paulo co-main event.

The UFC Sao Paulo co-main event just closed out with UFC Hall of Famer, Shogun Rua, fighting to a split draw with Paul Craig. Shogun rallied after a rough opening round, and is currently the promotion’s #14 ranked light heavyweight. As for Craig, this is the best he’s ever looked on his feet.

Craig started hot, throwing an assortment of kicks and backing up the veteran. They spent a lot of time in the clinch, but there was a moment where Craig broke apart and just started throwing all the punches. Shogun weathered the storm and landed a few solo strikes here and there, but the opening act was all Craig.

The second round was completely different than the opening act. Shogun came out and scored a takedown and landed some quality ground strikes. He would stand up above Craig and dive in with a big punch. He did this several times. Craig did not return to his feet that round.

Craig ended up on his back again in the final round after flopping to his back from botching a takedown. He struggled to sweep and lock up a submission attempt. Shogun went back to standing up and diving in with a punch. Craig finally stood to his feet but ate a hard two-piece from Shogun. Craig blasted a takedown to end the round on top.

Shogun Rua vs. Paul Craig is a split draw (29-28, 28-29, 28-28): Light Heavyweight