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UFC Sao Paulo prelims results & video: Krause KO’s Moraes, Brown and Ramos score subs

Check out the results and highlights from the UFC Sao Paulo prelims, including James Krause knocking out Sergio Moraes. 

The UFC Sao Paulo prelims are in the books and James Krause just earned himself a third round knockout on Sergio Moraes. Krause was composed throughout, and leaned on his straight strikes to pull out the late finish. Krause has now won four in a row to improve to 27-7 overall. Before that, Ricardo Ramos pulled out an impressive first-round submission of Luiz Eduardo Garagorri. Ramos took the back, and despite Garagorri standing to his feet, he was still able to lock up the rear-naked choke. Ramos is now 5-1 in the UFC as he made good on his move up to featherweight.

Randy Brown pulled out a phenomenal finish of Warlley Alves in the second round. He first rocked his foe on the feet with a head kick, and then locked up a triangle. Brown has now won two-straight as he advances his career to 12-3. Earlier in the prelims, Douglas Silva de Andrade picked up a strong win over former bantamweight champ Renan Barao. He hurt Barao several times with heavy blows to make good on his return to featherweight and get himself back into the win column.

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James Krause def. Sergio Moraes by KO at 4:19 of round 3: Welterweight

Moraes got a takedown right away and landed in side control. He controlled for a bit, but the second he tried to advance his position, Krause took top position. They returned to the feet and Krause landed some damaging calf kicks. Moraes shot back in but stalled against the fence. Krause did a lot of damage in the second round. He put all sorts of volume on Moraes, hurting his foe on several occasions. He dropped Moraes at the end of the round, and tried to finish on the ground but ran out of time.

Moraes came out with much more urgency in the final act. He stood his ground and landed a lot more meaningful offense. Krause got back in the driver’s seat though, using his patience and straight punches to wear on Moraes. The Brazilian started to flop, showing that he wanted no more of the standup, but Krause forced him to return to his feet. Then, a well placed right cross dropped Moraes, and one hammerfist sealed the deal.

Ricardo Ramos def. Luiz Eduardo Garagorri by submission (RNC) at 3:57 of round 1: Featherweight

The fighters came out exchanging kicks and spinning attempts. Ramos was able to score a takedown, but Garagorri was quick to get back up. Then, Ramos realized another takedown and went right tot he back. Garagorri stood up to his feet with Ramos still attached. That’s when Ramos locked yup the RNC. The fighters fell back to the floor and Garagorri respectfully tapped out.

Francisco Trinaldo def. Bobby Green. by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2): Lightweight

Trinaldo was able to drop his foe with a heavy left hand in the opening sequence. He also found several slamming takedowns, but Green kept finding a way to land on top. Green attacked with a Kimora a couple of times but it wasn’t enough to take back the round. The second round saw Green starting to land volume while making Trinaldo miss a bunch. Green would leap in with strikes and then dart out of harm’s way before Trinaldo could return fire. The stickiness of the fight continued into the final act. Green was making Trinaldo miss, but wasn’t really landing devastating strikes himself. Green was able to score a set of short-lived takedowns. Trinaldo refused to stay down for long. He would spring right back up and search for his own takedown.

Randy Brown def. Warlley Alves by submission (triangle) at 1:22 of round 2: Welterweight

Alves was quick to take top position here. He controlled from the top for a bit before Brown finally got back to his feet. Alves hit a slick trip from the clinch to regain the top position, He worked to the back and went hard for an RNC. Brown escaped and took top position. Brown started to land in the second round. He hit Alves with a flying knee, and then followed up with a cracking head kick. He slipped off the head kick, gifting Alves top position, but was quick to lock up a triangle. Alves struggled for a second, but the elbows of Brown convinced him to tap.

Douglas Silva de Andrade def. Renan Barao by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26): Featherweight

Silva de Andrade opened up Barao with the first one-two that connected. Barao was able to duck under a punch to get a takedown, but the ref stood them up. Silva de Andrade landed a heavy left hook that staggered Barao. He followed up with another flurry, but Barao weathered the storm.

Barao was able to get a takedown again in the second act. He landed some small strikes there, but the referee ultimately stood them up. Back on the feet, Silva de Andrade landed a big knee to the face that cut open Barao. The doctor came in and deemed that the fight could continue. Silva de Andrade continued to own the rest of the round.

Barao started to land more volume in the final round, but nothing nearly as powerful as what Silva de Andrade was landing. Silva de Andrade dropped and wobbled Barao on a few occasions, but the former champ hung in there. Barao was hurt but Silva de Andrade was running out of gas. They went strike for strike down the stretch.

Ariane Lipski def. Isabela de Padua by unanimous decision (30-26 x2, 29-27): 130 pounds

This fight wasted no time in getting underway. Lipski came out hot, throwing an intense flurry and dropping de Padua. She took top position and landed some angry ground strikes. She backed away and let de Padua back up, and tried to flurry again. De Padua blasted a takedown and landed her own ground strikes until the bell.

Lipski too top position off of a botched takedown attempt from de Padua. She landed a bunch of ground strikes as she controlled. De Padua lands an illegal up kick and loses a point for the infraction. The restarted on the ground, where Lipski landed some more blows. At the end of the round, de Padua locked up a reverse triangle but ran out of time.De Padua got a takedown right away to start the final round. Lipski rolled for a kneebar and nearly pulled it off, but de Padua defended well. Lipski worked her way into top position, and was able to hold the position for the rest of the round.

Tracy Cortez def. Vanessa Melo by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28): (W) Bantamweight

The fighters got to work right away, standing in front of one another throwing strikes. Cortez was getting the better of the exchanges, despite the forward pressure from Melo. The left hooks of Cortez were really finding a home, and she was doing a great job of moving her head as she threw.

Cortez closed the distance in the second act, pressing Melo against the cage. Cortez scored some quality knees there, and then started working for the takedown. Melo did a solid job of staying off the canvas, but really had nothing to offer up in terms of meaningful offense.

Melo came alive at the start of the final round. She was landing some solid punches, but was taken down when Cortez caught a kick. From there on out it was all Cortez. She controlled from the top while dropping down a bunch of ground strikes.

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