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UFC Hall-of-Famer Chuck Liddell: In a street fight against Mike Tyson, I win

Chuck Liddell is confident about his chances in a street fight against Mike Tyson.

The rise in popularity of mixed martial arts over the last decade sparked the debate of who would win in a fight between a boxer and MMA fighter. During his prime, it is a question often asked to UFC Hall-of-Famer Chuck Liddell.

In a recent sit-down with business personality Ed Mylett, “The Iceman” went on to address that question involving former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson.

“Nowadays, it’d be nice having to see that that’s a serious question. ‘Who would win in a fight? You or Mike?’ he said.

“I’ll make it real simple. Boxing, Mike. MMA, me. He’s got one shot on the way in. Once I get in, it’s over.”

But when asked how things would go down if the two met in some alley to scrap, Liddell was still assured about his chances.

“Street fight, I win,” he said with confidence. “I mean, he’s got a puncher’s chance. He’s got a chance to catch me coming in. But other than that, it’s over.”

In November 2018, Liddell came out of an eight-year retirement to face rival Tito Ortiz for a third time. He lost via first-round knockout.

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