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Video shows MMA vet and ‘Proud Boys’ supporter Tara LaRosa in fight at ‘Flag Wave’ rally

The former Ultimate Fighter competitor and longtime women’s MMA veteran was captured on camera in a fight with a counter-protester as part of the ultra right wing ‘Proud Boys’ organization.

Former MMA fighter Tara LaRosa is back in the news. The female MMA pioneer was last seen back in 2018, when she beat up on Kris Zylinski, an internet troll claiming that “99 percent of women are too weak and lack the reflexes to do enough damage to stop 99 percent of men,” in a widely publicized gym battle.

In the time since, she’s most notably been a vocal ‘Proud Boys’ supporter. Attending rallies for the far right organization and backing agendas like the #HimTooMovement and #StandAgainstAntifa. The organization held a demonstration over the recent Veterans Day weekend on a Portland overpass, where they were approached by an unidentified woman. A second member of the rally, later identified as Rachel Cronk, can be heard on video yelling “Get the fuck out of here bitch!” while waving a small flag in the woman’s face. The woman swats at the flag, and things go downhill quickly from there.

LaRosa has claimed that she didn’t see who or what started the fight, however along with a video of the events she released on Twitter, she posted that the unidentified woman had “attacked another woman in our group” and that LaRosa “had to break up the fight & put her down until the cops came.” Video of the incident appears to show the counter-protester being punched repeatedly before LaRosa intervenes.

LaRosa apparently suffered at least one bite wound as a result of the scuffle, while holding the woman down and telling other rally members to “call the cops.” When the woman told LaRosa she “can’t breathe,” LaRosa responded, saying, “I don’t care.” Eventually LaRosa let the woman up, saying “Stop f-cking trying to fight. We’re not here trying to fight.”

The Portland Mercury reports that no arrests have been made in response to the incident. However, Portland Police Bureau spokesman Kevin Allen told the outlet, that “the case will be referred to the District Attorney’s office to see if charges are appropriate.”