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Jorge Masvidal on Nick Diaz interview: ‘Does he know who he’s asking for a fight?’

Jorge Masvidal issues his own response to Nick Diaz’s statements during Monday’s interview with Ariel Helwani.

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On Monday, Nick Diaz was back in the limelight through an interview with Ariel Helwani. The former Strikeforce champion went on proclaim himself as the original “BMF” titleholder.

The elder Diaz was also slighted by Jorge Masvidal’s “baptizing” statements towards his younger brother Nate, that he is now stepping in.

“I’ve never had nothing disrespectful to say but you don’t talk about baptizing my younger brother,” Nick said of Masvidal. “So you are already in a f—d position if you fight with me.”

“Gamebred” already issued a response via manager Malki Kawa, channeling his inner Tony Montana. But on Tuesday’s appearance on The Dan LeBatard Show, he once again addressed Diaz’s statements.

“Is he asking to fight?” Masvidal said (transcript by MMA Fighting). “I was confused or are we going for a walk some place? He’s asking for a fight? He’s asking for a fight or to go for a walk? Does he know who he’s asking for a fight?

“Cause I love to fight, especially when I get a little something on top of that.”

Despite his accomplishments and a relatively smaller following a few years back, Masvidal rose to the spotlight in 2019, scoring impressive wins against Darren Till and Ben Askren.

But it was after his UFC 244 win over Nate Diaz which he feels gave him the power to decide whom he wants to fight next.

“We don’t know who’s next but everybody’s looking like cash symbols, cash money to us right now,” he said. “The next person is going to be the one that puts the most zeros in the bank account, who that [is].

“A lot of people are saying my name now,” he continued. “They didn’t want to fight me before, like a year or two [ago], they didn’t want to fight me. Everybody wants to call me out now. So it’s funny to me because these same guys didn’t want to fight me two or three years ago.”

Masvidal won the “baddest motherf—r” title via third-round doctor stoppage over Nate Diaz at UFC 244 two weeks ago in New York City.

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