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Nate Diaz believes Jorge Masvidal was on the verge of giving up at UFC 244

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Nate Diaz shares the moment he believes Jorge Masvidal gave up at UFC 244.

Nate Diaz believes UFC 244 opponent Jorge Masvidal was on the verge of giving up in their ‘BMF’ title bout earlier this month at Madison Square Garden.

Masvidal, who battered Diaz from pillar-to-post for the entire contest, has offered the former UFC lightweight title challenger a rematch following the controversial doctor stoppage at the end of round three, but Diaz doesn’t seem interested.

Diaz probably doesn’t want an immediate rematch because, in his mind, he already made ‘Gamebred’ quit — at least mentally — at UFC 244.

“This is the time in the fight where him and I realized he didn’t wanna be in this fight anymore,” the Stockton slugger posted on Twitter yesterday night.

Following the loss, Diaz hinted at another extended hiatus from MMA but the 34-year-old backtracked on those comments when speaking to ESPN’s Ariel Helwani on Saturday, claiming he’d ‘fight tonight’ if given the opportunity.

“Who said I was retired? I’ll fight tonight,” he said. “I’ll fight forever. I’m never going to retire, that’s for sure.”