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KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 full fight video highlights

Watch video highlights of KSI vs. Logan Paul 2.

KSI VS. Logan Paul 2 Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

The (professional rules) rematch between YouTube celebrities KSI and Logan Paul was hardly anyone’s idea of a boxing masterclass, but the crowd at Staples Center was amped up and they were treated to a lot of action over the course of six rounds, along with some controversy.

KSI appeared to score a third round knockdown, but referee Jack Reiss said there was no knockdown. In round four, Logan Paul answered back with a heavy uppercut that hurt KSI, and he was able to knock him down. What happened then was pure chaos, as Paul did hold his head while hitting him on the knockdown punch, and hit him again while he was down. Reiss opted to retroactively score the knockdown and then docked two points Logan Paul, which was huge on the scorecards.

In the end, KSI won a split decision in large part because of his (wild) aggression and willingness to throw power punches. Paul jabbed a lot and was more composed, but KSI landed more of the damaging blows, and the point deduction sure helped the Brit beat the American. No draw this time.

Official result: KSI def. Logan Paul by split decision (56-55 Paul, 57-54 KSI, 56-55 KSI)

Watch the highlights below:

Here’s our play-by-play of the controversial fourth round:

Round 4 - Good right hand by Logan Paul stuns KSI momentarily. So far Paul is trying to stay disciplined but KSI keeps firing off haymakers. Paul dodges one power shot. Right hand by Paul and an uppercut drops KSI! NO! Somehow Jack Reiss says it’s not a knockdown. And it’s because he held him while hitting him and then hitting him while he was down, which would be the right call. Now Reiss says score the knockdown but DOCK two points from Paul. The fight restarts and not much else happens. 38-35 KSI.

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