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UFC 243 PPV results: Spivac subs Tuivasa, De Castro viciously KO’s Tafa

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Sergey Spivac just choked Tai Tuivasa unconscious on the UFC 243 PPV main card.

The UFC 243 PPV main card is in progress, and the unranked Sergey Spivac just choked out the promotion’s #14 ranked heavyweight Tai Tuivasa. Spivac hit several takedowns before cinching up an arm triangle in the second act. This was definitely the biggest win of the Ukrainian’s career. Before that, Dhiego Lima used his devastating leg kicks to stay ahead of Luke Jumeau and take a split decision. The match seemed to be all in Lima’s favor, rendering the split result a bit of a mystery. Don’t look now, but Lima is on a three fight winning streak. Opening up the PPV main card, Yorgan De Castro scored a massive walk-off knockout of Justin Tafa inside of the first round. De Castro landed a gorgeous counter right hand to win his UFC debut, and opted to not follow up with any unnecessary punishment.

PPV main card:

Sergey Spivac def. Tai Tuivasa by technical submission (Arm Triangle) at 3:14 of round 2: Heavyweight

A leg kick from Tuivasa dropped Spivac right away. Tuivasa allowed his foe to stand up, but Spivac blasted a short-lived takedown. Tuivasa would work to get to his feet, but Spivac would hit clever ways to get the fight back to the floor.

Spivac scored an early takedown in the second round, but Tuivasa again worked his way back to his feet. Tuivasa tried to land his punches, but Spivac kept shooting in and finding takedowns. Then, Spivac took full mount and landed some quality blows that split open Tuivasa. An arm triangle presented itself and Spivac went for it. Tuivasa opted to go sleep instead of tapping.

Dhiego Lima def. Luke Jumeau by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 28-29): Welterweight

Jumeau took the center of the Octagon as Lima looked to play the outside, both moving at a rather slow pace. An accidental eye poke to Lima used the bout early on. The fight resumed and Lima started to attack the leg of his opponent.

Lima landed a heavy leg kick that briefly buckled Jumeau to start the second round. Lima did it again, but briefly took top position. Back on the feet, Jumeau continued to struggle to land. Just when he started to show some urgency, Lima manifested a takedown to control the fight. The leg kicks continued to be there for Lima in the third round, allowing him to dictate the pace and range. Lima then started to work for takedowns, but Jumeau did a sound job of remaining vertical.

Yorgan De Castro def. Justin Tafa by KO at 2:10 of round 1: Heavyweight

The big men met in the center and exchanged heavy crosses. They quickly clinched up for a moment, breaking apart after a stale encounter. Tafa came running in and De Castro clocked him with a brutal right hand that completely switched him off. Wow!