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Bellator 229: Koreshkov vs. Larkin results, discussion, play-by-play

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Check out the blow-by-blow results for tonight’s Bellator 229 card, featuring Andrey Koreshkov vs. Lorenz Larkin in the main event.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for results, discussion and play-by-play for Bellator 229: Koreshkov vs. Larkin. This four-fight main card will air live tonight on Paramount Network at 9 p.m. ET.

The featured matchup on the card will be a top-tier welterweight clash between former Bellator champ Andrey Koreshkov and longtime-elite Lorenz Larkin. Before that, two promotional veterans in Saad Awad and Goiti Yamauchi will tangle at lightweight. Also on the main card, the 3-0 Keri Melendez, wife of MMA great Gilbert Melendez, is slated against the 6-4 Mandy Polk at a catchweight of 117 pounds. Opening up the main card, former GLORY kickboxer Joe Schilling continues his MMA career by taking on the heavy handed Tony Johnson in the middleweight division.

Main Card: Paramount Network at 9:00 P.M. ET

Andrey Koreshkov vs. Lorenz Larkin: Welterweight


Jab for Koreshkov. Larkin feints forward. Leg kick scores for Koreshkov. Larkin returns the favor. They clinch up and Larkin lands a knee to the body. Larkin goes for a takedown but Koreshkov stays on his feet. They exchange knees to the thigh. Larkin lands two hammerfists to the leg. They break apart and Koreshkov checks a kick and lands a right. He pumps the jab. A heavy kick drops Larkin! Koreshkov goes in for the kill with big punches. Larkin is up and throwing back. Koreshkov blocks a head kick. Larkin attacks the calf. Larkin throws a spinning calf kick but misses. Inside leg kick for Koreshkov. They exchange kicks at the bell.

10-9 Koreshkov


Larkin pumps his jab. Koreshkov misses with a spinning kick and Larkin clinches up. They are jockeying for position, fighting for underhooks. Larkin attacks with knees to the thigh with his back on the fence. The break apart and Koreshkov throws the jab. larkin whiffs on a hook. A big overhand right scores for Koreshkov. Larkin blitzes back with a three piece. Liver punch to overhand right connects for Koreshkov. Spinning backfist grazes Larkin. Larkin lands a jump see and Koreshkov is down. Larkin lands some punches from the top and then switches to elbows. Knee to the body scores for Larkin and Koreshkov stands up. Another knee to the face lands for Larkin and Koreshkov is back on the canvas. A triangle attempt is thrown up by Koreshkov, but Larkin passes and lands a set of elbows as time expires.

10-9 Larkin


Inside leg kick misses for Koreshkov. Leg kick scores for Larkin. Three piece connects for Koreshkov. Left hook misses. Big leg kick for Larkin lands. Koreshkov shoots in but Larkin jumps a guillotine. Koreshkov escapes and looks to keep his opponent on the ground. Larkin is up and eats a knee for his troubles. A set of knees to the thigh hit the mark for Koreshkov. Larkin grabs the fence to avoid a takedown but Koreshkov gets it anyways. Larkin is up but gets slammed back down.

10-9 Koreshkov

  • Lorenz Larkin def. Andrey Koreshkov by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

Saad Awad vs. Goiti Yamauchi: Lightweight


They touch gloves. Front kick from Awad. And again. Yamauchi sticks his left hand straight out like he usually does. Side kick to the face is blocked by Awad. Big punch lands for Awad, causing Yamauchi to shoot in and pull guard. Yamauchi quickly rolls for an armbar and it’s tight! Awad tries to defend, but he’s dead to rights. Yamauchi cranks on it and it’s over!

  • Goiti Yamauchi def. Saad Awad by submission (Arm) at 1:40 of round 1

Keri Melendez vs. Mandy Polk: 117-pound Catchweight


Right cross drops Polk right out of the gate! Melendez falls and ends up on her back. Short elbow scores from the bottom. Melendez controls the posture of her opponent and works for a triangle. She cinches it upend grabs the leg. She scores with an elbow as Polk defends. Polk steps over to alleviate the pressure of the choke. Polk escapes but is still in the guard. Melendez lands a right hand from her back, and then an elbow. Melendez attacks again with a triangle but Polk escapes and takes the back. Melendez stands to her feet and rolls as time expires.

10-9 Melendez


Jab misses for Melendez. Polk presses her foe against the fence looking for the takedown. Melendez gets the underhooks and lands an elbow. Knee to the midsection scores. Another knee from the clinch lands for Melendez. And another. Two more knees hit their mark. An elbow scores and another knee. Polk is not blocking any of them. Polk tries to muscle a takedown but the just break apart. Jab lands for Melendez. A cross sticks. Polk returns to the takedown attempt but Melendez is having none of it. Overhand right misses for Polk. Right cross for Melendez. Leg kick scores for Melendez. Another jab lands. They clinch up but break apart quickly.

10-9 Melendez


Right cross from Melendez sticks to open the round. A jab misses for Polk and a 1-2 misses for Melendez. Jab connects for Melendez. Polk connects with a low kick and then scores a takedown. Melendez attacks again with a triangle. An elbow lands and allows Melendez to tighten up the choke. Polk steps over like she did in the first round. Melendez releases the hold and Polk takes north/south. Melendez exposes her back and Polk tries to take full mount. Melendez gains the full guard. Nothing is really going on so the ref stands them up. 1-2 misses for Melendez but a knee connects. and another knee. They exchange right hands.

10-9 Melendez

  • Keri Melendez def. Mandy Polk by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Joe Schilling vs. Tony Johnson: Middleweight


Jab jab cross from Johnson to open.Body kick misses for Schilling. Tony presses forward with his jab. Schilling briefly knocks over Johnson with an uppercut. Johnson is right up and seems unphased. A leg kick buckles Tony but he stands back up. Body kick, then to the leg, and back to the body for Schilling. Tony whiffs on a hook. Inside leg kick to left hook for Tony. Leg kick lands for Schilling and Tony responds with a right hand. Another heavy leg attack from Schilling scores. And another. They clinch up and Schilling shoves Tony against the cage. They separate. Spinning back kick misses for Schilling but a ab lands. Johnson returns the favor but misses a right hand. Schilling catches a kick and trips his foe. Body shot to overhand scores for Johnson. Big left hook floors Schilling! Johnson goes in for the kill with ground strikes. He attacks a choke. Schilling escapes and gets back to his feet. Tony muscles a takedown at the bell

10-9 Johnson


Schilling returns to his leg kick. Storng cross sticks for Schilling followed by an outside leg kick. Another leg kick for Schilling. And another hard one. Check hook lands for Tony. Johnson is showing signs of his leg hurting. Another leg kick comes crashing in. Sneaky elbow lands for Schilling but Tony takes him down. A couple of ground strikes score before Schilling stands up. They exchange lefts. Knee from a single collar tie lands for Schilling but Johnson eats it. Solid jab cross connects for Schilling. Schilling spins to the body with a kick. Inside leg kick lands for Schilling. Another leg kick for Schilling as the bell sounds.

10-9 Schilling


Tony pressures and lands a left hook. Accidental eye poke to Johnson pauses the action. They restart and Schilling connects with a teep to the face. Jab to elbow for Schilling. Overhand right misses for Johnson. Inside leg kick scores for Schilling followed by a spinning back kick. Schilling presses forward. Johnson lands a major left hook counter THAT KNOCKS OUT JOE!!! An academic ground strikes lands and the referee steps in. WOW!

  • Tony Johnson def. Joe Schilling by KO at 2:07 of round 3


  • Anatoly Tokov def. Hracho Darpinyan by TKO at 4:38 of round 2: Middleweight
  • Salim Mukhidinov def. Adel Altamimi by unanimous decision: Featherweight


Derek Anderson vs. Guilherme Bomba: Welterweight

Jay Jay Wilson vs. Jorge Juarez: Featherweight

Jordan Newman vs. Riley Miller: Middleweight

Sunni Imhotep vs. Kelvin Gentapanan: Lightweight

Johnny Eblen vs. Mauricio Alonso: Middleweight

Vladimir Tokov vs. Brandon Hastings: Lightweight

Joey Davis vs. Jeff Peterson: Welterweight