Tyson Fury in MMA?!


It took you ten seconds (probably less) to read the above sentence. It took Tyson Fury ten seconds to solidify his name as a legend within the realm of combat sports when he rose from the brink of certain defeat. But for Tyson those ten seconds lasted a lifetime. Like the plot line to a Stan Lee comic, the hero appearing at the clutches of certain defeat manages to survive and triumph.

2019 has been a fantastic year for the Boxing behemoth. From beating all challengers since Wilder to his stint with the WWE and who can forget the altruistic campaigning for positive mental health. However, perhaps the most surprising albeit bewildering endeavour were comments made to Sky Sports about his desire to compete in the world of MMA.

It’s a movie we have all seen before, case in point James Toney being smothered by Randy Couture. It’s a recipe that has been tried and tested. The outcomes are clear, boxers with zero grappling experience just can not survive in MMA. So, does Fury stand anything more than a puncher’s chance?

Yes (if they keep him away from grapplers). With an 85-inch reach and a towering 6ft8 in height, Tyson will tower over most other heavyweights. Fury is also nimble and agile for his awkward composition. He must be pitted against brawlers, like a Ngannou or someone that has been possessed by the spirit of Tank Abbott and is crazy enough to stand and trade.

What are your thoughts about Tyson crossing over to the world of MMA? Do you think he should do it? Which current boxer has the best chance of giving the UFC elite a run for it’s money?

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