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UFC 244 betting odds: Prop bets for Stockton slap, number of F-words, Trump getting booed

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Check out the midweek betting odds for Saturday’s UFC 244 event, where Jorge Masvidal is favored over Nate Diaz in the main event.

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Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz are headlining this Saturday’s stacked UFC 244 PPV card with the inaugural BMF title up for grabs. Bloody Elbow is here to bring you the midweek gambling lines, including some rather interesting prop bets!

For the UFC 224 main event, the bookies have labeled Masvidal as a -160 betting favorite, with Diaz pegged as a +140 underdog. Considering how tough both sides of this equation are, it’s not a big shocker to see the oddsmakers favoring these BMF’s to reach the scorecards. The prop bet ‘Fight goes to decision’ is on deck at -150, with a +110 comeback on ‘Fight doesn’t go to decision.’ As of the time this article was written, no over/under has been set.

Okay, let’s get into some super-necessary exotic propositions for the UFC 244 main event, courtesy of The online gambling site is offering up a wager on which fighter will be the first to bleed. We’ve seen Diaz bloodied up more times than his counterpoint, and his moneyline for this prop reflects just that. Diaz is sporting a +140 line, Masvidal at +165, and then the option for no blood is served up at +250.

First fighter to bleed

Jorge Masvidal +165

Nate Diaz +140

Neither fighter bleeds +250

Diaz is known for slapping his opponents, and even pointing at them afterwards and having a smile. He even slapped UFC president Dana White once upon a time. Will Nate’s patented Stockton Slap land on Masvidal at UFC 244? ‘No’ is heavily favored at -400, with ‘yes’ registering at +250. Considering the slap isn’t just a taunt, but also a great way to set up other strikes, the ‘yes’ might actually be worth a look here.

Will Nate Diaz land a Stockton Slap?

Yes +250

No -400

Everyone remembers when Diaz fully locked up a triangle on Kurt Pellegrino and proceeded to flip the double bird— as well as secure the tap. He also brandished the digit against Conor McGregor on several occasions. The middle finger is kind of his thing, but will it make an appearance at UFC 244? ‘No’ is stoutly favored at -500, with ‘yes’ at a beefy underdog line of +300. With how much respect Nate and Jorge have for each other, it seems unlikely for this to happen, so the odds seem to be appropriate, but you never really know.

Will Nate Diaz give the middle finger during broadcast?

Yes +300

No -500

Who drops more f-bombs than Nate Diaz? Not many. The oddsmakers recognize this and have set an over/under for just how many times it happens at 2.5. The ‘under’ owns the favored slot here with a moneyline of -200, with the ‘over’ slated as a +150 underdog.

Total times Nate Diaz says F-word in post-fight interview

Over 2.5 +150

Under 2.5 -200

With the recent USADA scare that caused Diaz to publicly demand his name be cleared, there is a betting line as to whether or not he’ll mention the drug testing organization in his post-fight interview. Surprisingly, ‘no’ is moderately favored at -500, with ‘yes’ on deck at a dog tag of +300.

Will Nate Diaz say USADA during post-fight interview?

Yes +300

No -500

It has been rumored that U.S. president Donald Trump will be in attendance at UFC 244. If so, will his name get mentioned on the mic after the match by either Nate or Jorge? Neither fighter is known to be overly political, so ‘no’ is severely favored at -800, and ‘yes’ is fat ol’ dog at +500.

Will either fighter say Trump in post-fight interview?

Yes +500

No -800

It seems like with Trump, you either love him or hate him, with little middle ground in between. If America’s commander in chief is shown or announced, will the fans hit him with a good old fashioned boo? This prop has been set at even odds, with both offered up at -120 respectively.

If President Trump is shown or announced will the fans boo?

Yes -120

No -120

Here is another set of exotic bets offered up by

Will President Trump attend with any of his sons?

Yes -600

No +400

Will UFC release Nate Diaz after UFC 244?

Yes +2000

No -5000

Check out the UFC 244 betting odds, courtesy of

Be sure to check back in with Bloody Elbow to catch the final betting odds on fight day, as the moneylines tend to shift a bit following the weigh-ins. All of your event coverage including play-by-play, results, highlights, and more can be found right here at Happy hunting!