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Video: Wing chun ‘master’ and former Xu Xiaodong opponent gets brutally knocked out by MMA fighter

Ding Hao followed up getting beat by Xu Xiaodong by getting head kick KO’d.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns/YouTube

Style vs. Style fighting in China, which started as an isolated incident involving the now infamous Xu Xiaodong, is now an actual thing over there. It seems like each month there is another story coming out of the country about a fight involving two individuals with drastically different backgrounds.

Today’s story features someone who might be familiar to regular readers of these stories on Bloody Elbow; Ding Hao — a wing chun practitioner who faced off against Beijing based MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong in a grand televised event last year. In his fight with ‘Mad Dog’, who has had many of these types of contests and has suffered the consequences, Ding was bashed around before a referee comically flew in to end the fight. Despite Ding being pasted by Xu the fight was ruled a draw.

It appears Ding Hao didn’t get his fill of being beaten up by an MMA fighter on that occasion, because he’s back at it again. This time his contest was against a fighter named A Hu. Ding’s listed weight for the bout was around 27 lbs more than Hu’s.

Of course the weight advantage didn’t matter. The bout lasted around two minutes before Hu landed a brutal head kick on Ding, which knocked the wing chun fighter out and almost sent him through the ropes. Footage of the spectacle is available below thanks to Fight Commentary Breakdowns.

Hopefully, for his long term health’s sake, this is the last time Ding takes on a fighter trained in combat sports. It’s highly unlikely this is the last time we see a traditional martial artist fight (and get obliterated) by an MMA trained fighter in China, though.

See you back here for the next one.