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Video: ‘Bazooka Arms’ guy with pure synthol biceps gets beat by blogger in MMA bout

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Internet personality Kirill ‘Bazooka Arms’ Tereshin decided to try his famous biceps out in a cage fight, and got whomped by a blogger named Oleg Mongol.

Russian ?Hulk? Injects Dangerous Chemicals To Look BIGGER Denis Slepov / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Kirill Tereshin’s story is something of an insane trip. A Russian ex-army soldier who reportedly became frustrated with his lack of ‘gainz’ and decided to move straight to injecting pure synthol into his biceps—and eventually, allegedly, a homemade concoction of olive oil, benzyl alcohol, and lidocaine. In the past couple years there appear to be almost as many stories about him looking for a way to get surgery to reverse the damage he’s done as there are those that just can’t help stopping and staring at it all.

Among rurmors that he’s trying to get together enough money to travel to the UK for treatment, he’s entered himself in some publicity driven contests to make bank off his freakish appearance while there’s still bank to be made. Back in May, videos surfaced of him taking on a Russian competitive slapping champion. The results were, unsurprisingly, not great.

In the months since, it appears he’s decided to try his hand at MMA as well. This time, against someone a little more his speed. A blogger in his 40s named Oleg Mongol. The fight may have been a little closer, but the results were still poor.

The fight lasted somewhere around 3 minutes before Tereshin ended up on his back, tapping to a forearm to the throat. You can watch the full thing here or check out the lowlights below.

Hopefully, somewhere along the way in all this, Tereshin is making the kind of money he needs to get his arms repaired. “At the moment, my arms are in a bad state and are reddening,” he apparently told the Sun, earlier this year—adding that he hopes to raise somewhere around ₽3 million (~$47,000) for the procedure.