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Video: Notorious ‘kung fu’ eye-poker gets head kick KO’d by taekwondo fighter

Wui Liang, a controversial Xingyi practitioner, was walloped by a taekwondo fighter at a style-vs-style fighting event in China.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns/YouTube

Wu Liang is a controversial traditional martial artist, sometimes referred to as a ‘kung fu master’ in Chinese press, who practices Xingyi (also known as Xing Yi Quan or Hsing I Ch’üan). Wu earned his notoriety when he raked the eyes of Glory kickboxer Wensheng Zhang after a style-vs-style fight in June.

That scrap, which happened behind closed doors, came about after an argument on social media (just like many other style-vs-style fights in China over the past few years). Whatever his reason, the middle-aged Wu decided to argue with a 46-6 professional kickboxer and challenge him to a fight.

Zhang, of course, mopped the floor with Wu in their bout. He knocked the traditionalist down in the opening seconds of the fight, with a couple of punches and a head kick. Wu got up, but was sent back down two more times before the fight was waved off.

After he was soundly beaten Wu extended his hand to Zhang. However, after shaking Zhang’s hand Wu then tried to poke the kickboxer in the eye. Zhang then threw bare knuckle punches at Wu while a fighter who was acting as referee tried to keep them separate. You can see that farce below, thanks to YouTuber

Zhang likely got a chuckle when he learned that his old foe Wu was on the receiving end of another beating. South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported that Wu got his ‘comeuppance’ for his offense against Zhang at a recent event in China, where he faced off with an unnamed taekwondo practitioner.

The event Wu appeared at seemed a lot more organized than his gym brawl with Zhang. Along with Wu’s bout with the taekwondo fighter, there was also a match between a ‘pressure point fighter’ Huo Yanshan and a Sanda (or Sanshou) expert. Here’s how that one went down (via Youtube/Tin tức trong ngày):

In that ‘fight’ Huo was apparently able to render the other fighter completely helpless after just a glancing blow. The bizarre outcome had famous MMA troublemaker Xu Xiaodong (who has become a celebrity off of beating up ‘fake’ kung fu fighters) crying foul, suggesting the fight was staged. According to SCMP Xu also asked challenged the ‘acupuncture master’ to a real fight. Xu has history with Huo’s master, Chen Xiaowang. Chen sued Xu for slander earlier this year which resulted in the slashing of Xu’s social credit rating.

The fight between Wu and the taekwondo fighter comes via Fight Commentary Breakdowns on YouTube:

The footage shows the taekwondo practitioner peppering Wu with kicks to the legs and body before eventually knocking him out with a head kick. Fortunately for everyone, Wu did not appear to try another suck-punch-eye-poke after the fight was over.