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New York Times names Conor McGregor as suspect in a second sexual assault case

The New York Times has named Conor McGregor as the “well known sports figure” under investigation in a new sexual assault case in Dublin.

Conor McGregor is once again being investigated in a sexual assault case in Ireland. Last week The Irish Times reported that a “well known sports figure” had been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a vehicle parked outside of a Dublin pub. Friday, The New York Times named McGregor as a suspect in the case based on statements from anonymous sources.

It’s important to remember that the allegations are simply being investigated at this point in time and McGregor is presumed innocent until and unless he is proven guilty in a court of law.

This is the second such allegation against McGregor, who is still waiting to see if he will be charged in the first assault, which occurred last December. In January he was reportedly arrested, questioned, and released, but that investigation remains open. The Irish Times reported that the suspect had told police he had consensual sex with the woman.

McGregor has not yet been arrested or questioned in regard to the second allegation. Irish law forbids the naming of suspects in such cases.

McGregor’s publicist issued a statement, saying, “Conor McGregor is frequently the subject of rumors. He emphatically denies any report accusing him of sexual assault.” His lawyer in Dublin refused to comment on the allegation.

A little more than a week ago, Conor McGregor was in court to answer charges that he assaulted an older man in a Dublin pub. That incident was caught on video and leaked to TMZ. That case is still pending, with McGregor due back in court next month.

The 31 year-old last fought a little more than a year ago, losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229. Recently, talk of a fight against Frankie Edgar surfaced, but nothing has been booked. In regard to the first sexual assault allegation, Dana White stated he knew “zero” about it, with McGregor having told him it was “somebody else.”