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Greg Hardy explains how using inhaler simply ‘evens the playing field’

Greg Hardy explains his controversial inhaler use during his UFC Boston fight against Ben Sosoli, which overturned his win to a No Contest.

UFC heavyweight Greg Hardy had his previous unanimous decision win over Ben Sosoli overturned to a No Contest. The decision was made after his use of an inhaler during the break, before he fought out the third and final round.

During the post-fight scrum, “The Prince of War” went on to explain what was in the inhaler.

“It’s a ventolin albuterol inhaler for exercised-induced asthma. Had it my whole life,” he told reporters.

“I use it every single day. It’s exercise-induced asthma. And I exercise everyday.”

Hardy also defended his use of the medical device, stating it was done more out of necessity than to benefit him.

“You have complete control of your diaphragm and your lungs,” Hardy explained. “They can expand and contract normally. Mine do not. They inflame. It restricts the breathing and airflow. I’m sure a lot of people here have kids with asthma. You can’t leave them alone or they’ll die.

“It literally just clears the airways to that I’m unable to breathe,” he continued. “It doesn’t help me breathe better. It helps me breathe just like you. It pretty much evens the playing field.”

Hardy’s record is now at 5-1 (with 1 NC and 5 wins by knockout).